The Best April Fool's Day Prank!

Don’t let the joke be on you this April Fool's Day!

We all know there's nothing better than pulling off a successful prank ...
and with April 1st right around the corner, now is the time to start planning the perfect practical joke! 

This year, instead of fooling your family and friends with the same boring old tricks, up your April Fool's game with these epic "fake spills" using ArtResin and ResinTint.

Whether it's a red wine spill on the carpet, a bowl of ice cream melting over an important pile of paperwork, a bottle of nail polish tipped out on the hardwood floor or a big ol' coffee stain on a piece of antique furniture, these fake spills are a fun and harmless way to unleash your inner prankster.

Just place the fake spill in a place where your intended target will be sure to see it, sit back, and watch the fun begin.


How To Create A Fake Resin Spill:


  • ArtResin epoxy resin 
  • nitrile gloves 
  • a measuring cup with easy to read measurement lines 
  • a stir stick 
  • wax paper or parchment paper to line your work surface
  • plastic cups for mixing colors
  • ResinTint epoxy resin colorants
  • a butane torch such as our Artist's Torch
  • props such as a wine glass, nail polish bottle, ice cream cup or cone, coffee mug etc


1. Working in a well-ventilated area, prepare your desired quantity of ArtResin epoxy resin.  You can mix as much or as little ArtResin as you desire, as long as you measure absolutely equal amounts ( by volume ) of resin and hardener.  Mix for at least 3 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom of your mixing vessel as you stir.  

2. Divide your resin into portions using plastic cups ( depending on how many fake spills you are creating. ) Add the ResinTint to the resin as outlined in the proportions below, and stir well so the pigment is evenly distributed.

3. Place the props in the desired position on a piece of wax or parchment paper.  Pour the tinted resin in and under the prop to make the spill look as natural as possible.  

4.  Lightly torch out any bubbles ( ResinTint is non-toxic and non-flammable! )

5.  Cover and allow to dry for 24 hrs. The next day, simply peel it off the parchment!

Red Wine:

  • 3 parts ResinTint Original Red
  • 3 parts ResinTint Neon Pink
  • 1 part ResinTint Neon Blue
  • 1 part ResinTint Original Purple 
Art Resin - Red Wine


  • 3 parts ResinTint Original Brown
  • 3 parts ResinTint Neon Green
  • 1 part ResinTint Neon Pink
    Art Resin - Coffee

    Nail Polish:

    • 3 parts ResinTint Neon Pink
    • 2 parts ResinTint Neon Blue
    • 1 part ResinTint Original Red
    • glitter
    Art Resin - Nail Polish

    Ice Cream:

    Use this formula on its own, or mix with plain white resin for a rippled look.

    • 1 parts ResinTint Original Red
    • 1 parts ResinTint Neon Pink 
    Art Resin - Ice Cream


    ( For those who really want to up the ante! )

    • 1 parts ResinTint Original Yellow
    • 2 parts ResinTint Neon Yellow
      Art Resin - Urine

      It may take a little planning to pull off these April Fool's Day pranks, but the looks on the faces of your family, friends and co-workers will be worth every minute! 

      We hope you've found some April Fool's Day inspiration - don't forget to share your own fake spills using the hashtags #artresin and #aprilfools!

      About the author: Joanne Wright

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