How To Color Epoxy Resin with Josie Lewis!!

Our good friend, color-loving artist Josie Lewis is back doing what she does best .... creating bright and colorful works of art using our newest product, ResinTint!

ResinTint is a collection of 16 colorants

ResinTint is a collection of 16 richly saturated, non-toxic, premium liquid colorants specifically crafted to be compatible with ArtResin. 

It's a fun and easy way to infuse colour into your epoxy resin work!

infuse colour into your epoxy resin work

Let's take a peek at what Josie created ....

1. ResinTint Fun With Josie Lewis!
Josie creates some fun flow art with ArtResin and ResinTint

2. Enjoying ResinTint With Josie Lewis
Here are a couple of things Josie had to say after using ResinTint:
really mesmerizing!"
"a heavenly-endless-rainbow-time-party-unicorns ... and chocolate" 🌈 🦄 🍫
Thanks Josie! 😊

3. Exploring ResinTint With Josie Lewis
Josie Lewis' work is so inspiring, it makes you want to explore your own creativity!


4. I ❤️ ResinTint!

And we ❤️ you too, Josie!  Thanks for helping us try out ResinTint!


5. Coloring With ResinTint

Josie stirs, marbles, swirls, mixes and pours her way through all the colors in our brand new line of ResinTint! 

6. BONUS VIDEO!!  This. Is. ResinTint
Shake, drip and stir your way to a world of creativity with ResinTint!

Are you ready to get YOUR rainbow on?

Check out these awesome starter packs, available now at

8 deep, rich solid hues in our original pack:

ResinTint 8 deep, rich solid hues

Our shimmery selection of metallics:

ResinTint shimmery selection of metallics

Add an electric pop of color with our neon brights :


ResinTint complete bundle

Or have it all with our complete bundle ... containing all 16 colors!

ResinTint electric pop of color with neon brights

We are SO proud of our new ResinTint line-up and we hope you love them just as much as we do!  We can't WAIT to see what you guys come up with, so please share your work with us, and don't forget to use the hashtag #ResinTint so we can see it!

Stay tuned for more great ResinTint technique videos ... coming soon! In he meantime, Check out our blog on How To Resin A Wooden Clock

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