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How can I achieve a layered effect with ArtResin?

  There is no limit to the amount of layers you can create when working with ArtResin. Some artists use layers of ArtResin to create a very thick top layer, while others create art between each layer of resin. There are two methods for layering ArtResin:    The Full Cure Method Apply your first lay... see more

How to Resin Store Bought Art

If you're tired of looking at the same art print on your walls why not add a new level of vibrancy and elegance with ArtResin.     We have even bundled together the necessary tools for the job in our 32oz Combo Pack. Here's what you'll get: • 32 oz ArtResin (covers approx. 8 sq ft) • 5 reusable spr... see more

MMM- Making a Box for Your Mold

To make a mold for an object of your choosing, you will need a container, or a box.  We often use pre-made containers such as the base of a milk carton, a Tupperware or a yogurt cup, but you can also make your own at home.  We usually make our own boxes so they are more of an exact fit to our object... see more

How To Clean Up When Using Resin

Work clean: wear gloves while working and cleaning up to avoid a sticky mess and possible skin irritation.Wear an apron - resin is very difficult to remove from clothingCleaning up tools- wipe down with paper towel to remove as much resin as possible- wipe residue with alcohol or acetone- wash in ho... see more