What Is HALS and UV Stabilization?

HALS and UV Stabilization are additives in ArtResin's proprietary formula to keep it clear and beautiful looking for the long term. It’s a well known fact that UV light is damaging and epoxy resins are not immune to that. In resin, it shows up as gloss loss, chalking, cracking, delamination and, of course, yellowing.  There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful piece of art ruined by epoxy resin that turns yellow.

ArtResin incorporates 2 light stabilizers: The UV Light Stabilizer and the HALS ( or Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer.) The UV Stabilizer is in there to take care of most of the damaging affects that happens from UV light. however it doesn’t do a great job protecting against yellowing. The Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer is in there to target the yellowing because it interrupts the yellowing at the outset, making it much more unlikely to happen. 

Double the light stabilizers equals better protection for your art!

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