The ArtResin Holiday Gift Guide 2022



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The holidays are right around the corner...

If you're searching for the perfect gifts this year, look no further - w
e've got you covered with ArtResin's Holiday Gift Guide!

Within the pages of our Gift Guide, you'll discover one-of-a-kind gifts (that you won't find at the mall!) including original paintings, stylish jewelry, handcrafted home decor, sparkly geode art, embellished charcuterie boards and so much more.

Even better, ArtResin's Holiday Gift guide allows you to shop directly from the artist, which means your purchase will help support a small business too.  Win win.

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to the gift of art this year with ArtResin's Holiday Gift GuideWith options for every style and budget, you'll find something special for everyone on your list!


ArtResin's Holiday Gift Guide



Fashion lover on your list? Make their season a little brighter (and stylish) with a piece of handmade jewelry from the following designers:



Stardust & Vines
Lauren - Denver, CO

Stardust and Vines resin earrings
"Hand crafted jewellery. Every piece is original design and lightweight to provide comfort and style."



Geojojo Design
Jo Turner - Toronto, ON

Geojojo Design Resin Earrings Origami Paper Washi Japanese Paper
"I sell handmade wood and paper jewellery using Japanese and Korean washi, mulberry, origami paper, as well as vintage maps. Most of the earrings, pendants, and bib necklaces are sealed with ArtResin."



Micky Made It
Micky - UK

Mickey Made It sparkly handmade resin earrings
"All my earrings are handmade in small, limited edition batches. My mission is to add colour and sparkle to the world and thanks to my wonderful collectors, I've been doing just that since 2019!"


Valerie's Gallery
Val White - New Zealand

Valerie's Gallery handmade resin jewellery
"Val is an Auckland based artist specialising in portraiture but also expanding into working with resin to create handmade jewellery and giftware — she has a passion for anything and everything beautiful and unique."


F16 Studio Gallery
Bronwyn Ishii - Seattle, WA

Bronwyn Ishii art handmade resin jewellery, resin earrings
"Bronwyn has recently added her new Mixed Media Abstract Art, Alcohol Ink and Resin Jewelry Designs."

Cinnamon Fern

Tammy - New Brunswick, Canada

"We are a small family business with a variety of products hand made by myself, my husband and my three amazing daughters. I use all real, pressed flowers and ferns either from my garden, nature or local flower farmers/florists."



Bespoke Dezign Studio

Bespoke Dezign Studio handmade resin earrings, resin necklaces, resin jewelry
"Every piece I create is done with an individual in mind, because my goal is to make each item special, therefore most pieces are a production of one."



Amanda Ramsey - MI

Amanda Ramsey Hand painted Resin Jewelry
"I create timeless accessories by painting tiny landscape designs on a variety of metal pieces. Each is sealed with a layer of protective ArtResin!"




ArtResin By Charley
Charley Hodges - Prosser, WA

Art Resin by Charley resin geode art resin jewellery resin necklaces resin earrings
"I am a brain injured artist. I sell custom geode art and jewellery. I make wall and 3D geode sculptures. Currently I am using my jewellery as a tool to bring awareness to communities such as brain injury and MS."



S and M Creatives
Sarah and Melody - San Francisco, CA

S and M Creatives handmade resin jewelry, storage boxes
"We make resin jewelry, trays and storage boxes."


Mohawk Maiden Creations
Cynthia Graves - US

Mohawk Maiden Creations Cynthia Graves
With naturally shed antlers that we find throughout America, we slice, sand, drill, inlay, resin and buff. We add silver, gold, semi or precious stones."



That Resin Warrior
Rissa Friedman - Springfield, NJ

That Resin Warrior handmade resin earrings, keychains
"The idea is when you look at my pieces, you'll feel at home. As you browse the lego and boombox radio magnets, you'll feel the electricity of the passion behind the pieces."

Boho Country Goods
Stephanie Wade - US

Boho Country Goods Resin Jewelry

I make beautiful handcrafted resin jewelry inspired by the Pacific Northwest. From Bigfoot to moss, Boho Country Goods captures the essence of the wild mountains in jewelry."




Geode Art

Make the holiday spirit shine a little brighter this year with a sparkly piece of geode art!

Be Free Design Art
Bertha Fernandez - Miama, FLA

"My Art is a Modern take on Spiritual decor. Inspired by my love for Crystals/Geodes, to meditation and my love for the ocean. I try to create pieces where someone can showcase their Spirituality in a unique modern way to decorate their homes."


Megan Tatuskar - USA

"Meghan Tatuskar is a USA based, self-taught, contemporary artist. She is known for her vibrant, playful style with strong interest in modern art, an eye for detail and her love for creating unique organic abstract paintings."


Aga Art Studio
Agnes Rup - Canada

Aga Art Studio Geode Resin Art, Crystal Art
"I want my art to inspire you, bring back memories, make you smile & to fall in love with life. Each piece is made to help with energy blockages, lighten the flow of the room and bring certain properties depending on the crystals are are inserted into the statement art."

Velvet Cactus Collection
Krista Kay Fuentes - Houston, TX

Velvet Cactus Collection Wall Gems Resin Geode art
"Krista specializes in Crystal Adorned Wall Gems in a range of shapes and sizes all on custom cut Birchwood. Each piece is a one of a kind original ready to brighten any space in your home!"


Suskan Arts
Anasuya Bhima - Kitchener, ON

Suskan Art Resin Geode Clock
"Acrylic fluid and resin art work are my products. Resin based Clocks(12in,18in,24in), fluid art with resin, pendants, key chains, geode resin art are my speciality products."


Make Pretty Things Art
Samantha Reagin - Toronto, ON

"I use acrylic paint, pastel, and spray paint to create some one-of-a-kind art pieces on wood. Layered with resin epoxy, they have a shiny look that enhances the colors and the global mystery of the pieces."


Live Colorfull
Suzie Barden - Houston, TX

"I specialize in creating large geode / agate inspired art and abstracts that are inspired by nature."

Gabrielle Miller Art
Gabrielle Miller - Huntington Beach, CA

"An intuitive artist, inspired by nature, I use both natural and recycled materials to create light and texture on each piece."



ArtResin By Charley
Charley Hodges - Prosser, WA

Art Resin By Charley Resin Geode art
"I am a brain injured artist. I sell custom geode art and jewellery. I make wall and 3D geode sculptures. Currently I am using my jewellery as a tool to bring awareness to communities such as brain injury and MS."



Geode Dreamer
Jennifer Walter - Clermont, FLA

Jennifer Walter Geode Dreamer Resin Geode Inspired Art
I make and sell Crystal Infused and Geode Inspired Resin Wall Art, Tables and Functional Art."




From magnets and ornaments to keychains and hair barrettes, these budget-friendly pieces make a big statement!


Lolo Unicorn Designs
Lauren Hoffmann - Los Angeles, CA

"Lolo Unicorn Designs was born from a desire to create art during the pandemic. Through the medium of resin, we craft accessories that encapsulate the magical & ephemeral qualities of life in a physical form you can adorn!"

Magnetficent Art

Lillian - Edmonton, AB

"Magnetficent focuses on resin petri style, and every corner of the creation is a piece of art on its own. Magnetficent is the go-to shop if you’re looking for colourful Christmas ornaments and unique stocking stuffers."

Olive Eve & Co Play Goods
Danniella - Canada


Olive Eve & Co Sensory Resin Learning Letters
"I make and sell sensory and small world play goods made from resin."


Mulberry Designs

Shannon Young - London, ON

Shannon Young Mulberry Designs resin gifts and accessories, resin keychains
"I enjoy creating unique and thoughtful gifts with ArtResin for any occasion, especially including holidays."



That Resin Warrior
Rissa Friedman - Springfield, NJ

That Resin Warrior resin magnets, resin keychains, resin earrings
"The idea is when you look at my pieces, you'll feel at home. As you browse the lego and boombox radio magnets, you'll feel the electricity of the passion behind the pieces."


Eclipse Artistry
Renee Martinuk - Kamloops, BC

Eclipse Artistry resin dog tag, resin coasters, resin keychains, resin accessories
Everything from galaxy trays and trinkets, to pet memorabilia encompassing our furry friends ashes or old dog tags, flower preservation."


Island Creative Arts
Heidi and Sila Luaifoa - Honolulu, HI

resin dried flower keychains
"All of our pieces are made in HAWAII with ArtResin."


Art By Minu
Minu - Yorkshire, UK

Art By Minu Alcohol Ink & Resin Ornaments
"I specialise in alcohol ink paintings and home accessories with resins - coasters, charcuterie boards and even ceramic tile paintings which I finish with resin and mount on frames."


Elements Design Works
Sarah Windsor - Revelstoke, BC

Sarah Windsor hand painted resin ornaments Elements Design Works
"I have been an artist all my life and love creating in various mediums including: acrylics, watercolours, collage, ink, wood burning, digital design and jewelry making."

Carissa All Art
Carissa Marsh - Willmar, MN

Carissa Marsh Art handpainted resin ornaments
"Colorful, fun, festive, one of a kind original paintings on wood with a touch of sparkle, and sealed with ArtResin. Ornaments, art magnets, & crosses are in my shop for my Holiday Collection."

Modest Makings
Heather - Manitoulin Island, ON

Modest Makings Heather handpainted resin ornaments
"I make and sell ornaments using ArtResin."


Who do you know that loves to entertain? Make their holiday table extra special this year with a handcrafted charcuterie board, serving platter, or a set of coasters.

Creations By Hellena
Hellena Jones Elbling - Los Angeles, CA

"My home decor line consists of wood charcuterie boards, coasters and trays transformed into beautiful works of functional art using ArtResin and alcohol ink."


JCM Resin Designs
Jenna - La Habra, CA

JCM Resin Designs resin serving boards
"I found my creative passion through creating decorative charcuterie boards and home decor." 


KK Art Creations
Kim Kort - Dallas, TX

KK Art Creations wood bowl with resin center
"The ArtResin brings out the metallic shine on my hand painted charcuterie boards and trays."



Chroma Yadi
Sarah Hunyadi - Columbus, OH

"One of a kind hand painted home goods and artwork created by artist Sarah Hunyadi. She uses liquified acrylic paint, resin, alcohol ink, and mixed media materials to create unique abstract pieces."



Island Creative Arts
Heidi and Sila Luaifoa - Honolulu, HI

Island Creative Art Wood Resin Bowl Dried Flowers
"All of our pieces are made in HAWAII with ArtResin."



Image Painting Plus
Pam Johnson - Airdrie, AB

    Pam Jonson resin charcuterie boards
    "Pamela Jonson is a self taught artist who has been creating for most of her life. Favorite mediums are acrylics, oils and epoxy resin. Currently creating and teaching resin and wood charcuterie, resin coasters, resin geode and resin application."


    Mohsen Woodcraft
    Mohsen Tashakor - ON

    Mohsen Woodcraft Resin Inlay Wood Coasters
    "Mohsen uses electricity to engrave ‘lightning’ patterns on serving boards and coatracks, and uses resin to create an ocean effect on his signature charcuterie boards."


    Bupp Woodworks
    Tina and Trevor - McHenry, IL

    Bupp Woodworking Epoxy and Wood Serving Tray
    We specialize in fine woodworking, resin artwork, and flower preservation. We have a wide variety of gift ideas available on our Etsy shop including wall decor, jewelry, ornaments, coasters, cutting boards, and even furniture!"


    Mountainside Arts
    Matt and Stef - Boulder, CO

    Mountainside Arts Wood and Epoxy Wine Rack
    "We make handcrafted products inspired by the mountains, adventure, and natural living.


    Don The Blockhead
    Donald Blauvelt - Finger Lakes, NY

    Donald Blauvelt resin fluid pour wood bread board
    "I make charcuterie boards in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a number of handmade items, kitchen tools, etc."

    Functional Art

    Handcrafted home decor, coasters, trinket dishes, plant pots, clocks and tumblers are gifts that will be used (and appreciated!) every single day.

    Artist Elaine Dilay
    Elaine Dilay - Canada

    Resin artist Elaine Dilay resin functional art, resin serving trays
    "From large abstract wall art to functional homewares."

    MU Resin Designs
    Michelle - London, UK

    MU Resin designs resin plant pot

    "I make colourful resin items for the home, inspired by my love of the sea and colours of the Mediterranean."

    Carol Zoernack

    Carol Zoernack functional resin art
    "I like to experiment with different pigments, colours, shapes, designs and materials so that no one piece is exactly the same. I am inspired by the design, shapes and colours of nature, as well as colours that I am attracted to which are pleasing to the eye."

    The Rogue Canvas
    Heather Smythe - AZ

    The Rogue Canvas resin home decor, resin coasters, resin art
    "The Rogue Canvas offers original paintings and coaster sets. My art is very unique and can be admired anywhere in the home, my art can accommodate most home decor styles and my coaster sets are a great functional piece of art with a dual purpose."


    Cabbage Butterfly Art

    Brittany White & Kim White - Stratford, ON

    Cabbage Butterfly Art Functional Resin Art
    "Magically iridescent resin decor with pressed flowers and gemstones captured. We are a family small business and make one of a kind pieces including moon and celestial suncatchers, shimmered trays, wall hangings and more statement pieces."


    Hiraeth Keepsakes
    Ann Marie - Kamloops, BC

    Resin Keepsakes resin tea light holders
    "I create resin keepsakes to keep your loved ones and memories close by."



    Mohsen Woodcraft
    Mohsen Tashakor - ON

    Mohsen Woodcraft Resin and wood clock
    "Mohsen uses electricity to engrave ‘lightning’ patterns on serving boards and coatracks, and uses resin to create an ocean effect on his signature charcuterie boards."

    Artistically Crafted
    Alia Khan - ON

    Artistically Crafted Alia Khan Resin Trinket Dish
    "The art you've always dreamed of! Artistically Crafted creates unique alcohol ink coasters, keychains, bookmarks, trinket dishes and crystal geode art pieces."



    Withered Emerald Craft
    Emerald - California

    Withered Emerald Craft resin trinket dishes, jewelry trays
    "Customizable handmade resin trays, dishes, coasters, desk decor and accessories for all occasions."

    Hammered Twisted Goods
    Kat VanDyne - Cape Coral, Florida

    Resin Geode Clock Hammered Twisted Goods
    "I started working with epoxy resin at the beginning of the pandemic and quickly became hooked. My clocks are made using a variety of pigments/glitters and are truly one of a kind."


    Crafty Friend Boutique
    Tracy Mayo - CA

    Crafty Friend Boutique Resin Tumblers
    "We make custom tumblers, a lot of which include 3D elements. Our best seller is our alien themed tumbler."


    Art By Candice Jean
    Candice Hall - MA

    Art By Candice Jean Functional Art Resin Tray
    "Specializing in fluid art, acrylics, resin, wall pieces, functional art and more!"



    Jen Brennan

    Jen Brennan ocean inspired resin trinket dishes
    "I am working extensively with acrylic and resin creating pieces that are inspired by my love of nature and the ocean."


    Aviation Art
    RT Donofrio - CT

    Aviation Art resin coasters aviation gears in resin
    " gives pilots, aviation enthusiasts and modern art collectors an opportunity to display genuine airplane pieces in their homes and offices. From mirror polished propeller blade sculptures, clocks and furniture to custom fabricated metal resin drinking coasters & accessories."


    For Found Sake
    Erin Ryan - Madison, WI

    For Found Sake Erin Ryan resin and fabric hanging decor and planter pots
    "Wisconsin-based handcrafted resin-coated fabric hanging accents and plant home décor using new and thrifted fabrics, gemstones and upcycled jewelry."



    Driftwood Pens and Gifts
    Trevor Neuman - Vancouver, BC

    Driftwood pens and gifts handcrafted wood and epoxy resin pens
    I primarily use reclaimed material combined with ArtResin to make pens and other types of gifts like coasters, pendants, keychains and pill holders."


    Allure Decoration
    Elena Gribanova - Toronto, ON

    Allure Decorations Elena Gribanova elegant resin flower castings resin home decor
    "I make all kinds of resin art pieces from jewelry to flower castings. I make home decor items like lamps and tables, as well as table decorations and different accessories."



    Just Femme Pieces
    Jenny - NYC

    Jenny Just Femme Pieces elegant resin home decor
    "My pieces are handmade, custom-made, unique, and sophisticated."



    Art Wings

    Sidra Munawar - Faisalabad, Pakistan

    Art Wings By Sidra Munawar resin serving tray
    "Art is my passion and my strength. I am a spine tumor patient and went through major spinal surgeries. At that time it was hard to sit and stand for a long time, but with the help of resin art, I could sit for hours. This art gave me strength and power."



    Malas and Gems
    Isabelle - Paris, France

    Isabelle Malas and Gems resin candle holder, resin crystals, resin decor

      "As a designer for many years, I have discovered a real passion for resin. I like to create objects for everyday use or decoration as much as jewelry. I love the infinite possibilities that resin offers."




      Decorative Art

      Need some fun gift inspo for the home decor lover on your list?  These one-of-a-kind pieces will add a shiny pop of color to any space.

      Alejandra Advent - Cleveland, OH

      Alejandra Advent Klubo resin cubes
      "The klübos are created by combining resin with oils, mica, acrylic, or alcohol inks. My goal is to create a piece that looks like glass, manipulating it so it traps just the right amount of bubbles."

      Fröken Högnert

      Marina - Sweden

      Froken Hognert Marina Resin Art Resin Home Decor
      "My name is Marina and I'm a resin artist from Sweden. I do mostly 3D resin art pieces. Right now I'm in love with pineapples, turtles and melting candy art."



      Ruby Gurl Creative

      Ruby Gurl Creative resin dandelion paperweights, resin coasters, resin art
      "I specialize in resined dandelions but also a variety of other things."



      Thistle Designs
      Deborah Smart - Burnaby, BC

      Thistle Art Aurora Bear Decorative Resin Art
      "As a resin artist, I create functional art (coasters, trays, candle holders, etc) as well as decorative art (wall art, ornaments, etc)"



      Charmaine Art Deco

      Charmaine Art and Deco Resin Mandala paperweight "Collection of Arts & Deco inspired by dot mandala designs and fluid art which are sealed with resin"

      Venice Vinyls

      Venice Vinyls Raisha vinyl records repurposed into hanging wall art
      "I handcarve vinyl records and repurpose them into wall hanging art. It's the beautiful blend of past meets present."

      Lisa Hilton - Spring, TX

      Hemplication Recycled Mixed Media Art
      "I make recycled mixed media art."

      Tracy Fry - Ireland
      Tracy Fry Art Painted Map Resin Map
      "I’m a visual artist based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. I studied Fine Art Printmaking and my resin pieces are collagraph print plates that I paint and resin."



      MT Designs
      Michelle Tomczyszyn - US

      MT Designs online fluid art resin geode art resin home decor
      "I do fluid art, acrylic paintings, mixed media and resin and glass art."




      Fluid Art

      Fluid art is a popular abstract art style that uses motion and color to make a vibrant statement or create a sense of calm. Fall in love with a fluid art piece from the following artists:


      Tammy DeCaro Art
      Tammy DeCaro - Naples, FL

      tammy decaro art fluid resin art pour
      "I am a mixed media artist inspired by color, texture and emotion. For me, art is a tactile experience and I try to bring elements to my art that can be touched as well as viewed."

      Pour Little Me
      Shanna McCabe - Richmond, VT

      Shana McCabe Pour Little Me Resin Fluid Art
      "I create wall art using fluid acrylics and finish my work primarily with ArtResin to bring out the luster and depth."

      Amy Young Artistry
      Amy Young - GA

      Amy Young fluid art resin flow art
      "Abstract Fluid Art finished with a top coat of ArtResin. I often add elements (flowers, broken glass) onto my paintings to add interest and dimension."

      KK Art Creations
      Kim Kort - Dallas, TX

      KK Art Creations resin fluid art abstract wall art
      "My art is nature inspired abstract acrylic fluid art."


      Lisa McInnis Art
      Lisa McInnis - US

      Lisa McInnis abstract flow resin art
      creates original abstract compositions and commissions infused with color, texture and expressions of beauty."

      Hunny Monkey Arthouse
      Erin Camp - Cincinnati, OH

      Hunny Monkey Arthouse Erin Camp Fluid Art Resin Art Flow Art
      "Abstract Art & Custom Creations by Erin Camp."

      Judy's Creative Art
      Judy Patterson - Scotts Valley, CA

      Judy's Creative Art Resin Fluid Art Painting
      I am a self-taught artist who loves the freedom and creativity that abstract and fluid art provides."



      Image Painting Plus
      Pam Johnson - Airdrie, AB

        Pamela Jonson fluid resin art
        "Pamela Jonson is a self taught artist who has been creating for most of her life. Favorite mediums are acrylics, oils and epoxy resin. Currently creating and teaching resin and wood charcuterie, resin coasters, resin geode and resin application."



        Eat Love Paint
        Peta Garnaut - Perth, AUS

        Eat Love Paint Peta Garnaut resin and acrylic fluid art
        "I paint in resin, alcohol ink and acrylic in mostly an abstract style. I am currently working on a new collection of acrylic abstract paintings on canvas, featuring bright and pastel colours and all of my favourite shapes."


        Chroma Yadi
        Sarah Hunyadi - Columbus, OH

        Chroma Yadi resin fluid pour art
        "One of a kind hand painted home goods and artwork created by artist Sarah Hunyadi. She uses liquified acrylic paint, resin, alcohol ink, and mixed media materials to create unique abstract pieces."

        Roz Sobel Art

        Roz Sobel - Kirkland, WA

          Roz Sobel fluid art mixed media abstract art
          "My art encompasses a wide range of materials and techniques, including acrylics, alcohol ink, and cold wax and oil. ArtResin is my favorite way to embellish the beauty of my functional art (charcuterie and cheese boards) as well as acrylics and alcohol ink paintings and collages on a variety of substrates."


          Christie Felton Art
          Christie Felton - Dallas, TX


          Christie Felton Art Abstract Fluid Resin Art
          "Multiple layers of resin, pigments & mica powders create movement and change with the light source. 1200 degree heat and blow torch are used to create chemical reactions."


          Berkeley Creative Company


          Berkeley Creative Company Fluid Resin Art Mixed Media Paintings
          I’m an Intuitive Artist, that takes inspiration from dreams and intuitive nudges /coincidences. All of my art is reiki and selenite infused."





          This holiday season, consider gifting an original piece of art. A wide range of styles, mediums and price points means you can find the perfect gift, whether it’s for an established art collector or for someone who is just getting started.

          Mixed Media



          Mary Loos Originals
          Mary Loos - ON


          Mary Loos Originals acrylic and resin landscape paintings
          "I paint original waterscapes, landscapes, Auroras and florals. I love the something extra ArtResin can bring to original work."



          Sue Klahne Custom Artwork
          Sue Klahne - Palm City, FL


          Sue Klahne Custom Artwork acrylic and resin ocean inspired paintings
          "I love the infinite possibilities that resin offers."



          SKO Art Studio
          Suzi Orth - US


            SKO Art Studio resin and acrylic abstract wall art
            "Suzi K. Orth is a versatile artist who works with various art mediums from acrylic paint and mixed media to epoxy resin. Suzi studied Fine Arts in college but has loved art from a very early age and has been painting ever since."



            John Kraft
            John Kraft - San Francisco, CA

            John Kraft Desk Art resin and acrylic art
            "The perfect gift for home or office. The DESKART collection by artist John Kraft features handmade mixed media and resin art pieces that can hang on the wall or sit on your desk."

            Rhonda Pearl Art
            Rhonda Pearl - Toronto, ON

            Rhonda Pearl Art abstract acrylic and resin graffiti art
            "A self-taught artist, Rhonda launched her career in Toronto focusing on using mixed media in both a realistic and abstract style with bold impressionistic colours as part of her signature approach."



            F16 Studio Gallery
            Bronwyn Ishii - Seattle, WA

            Bronwyn Ishii mixed media resin art
            "Bronwyn has recently added new Mixed Media Abstract Art, Alcohol Ink and Resin Jewelry Designs."



            Nicole Vinette - Canada

            Nicole Vinette abstract resin and acrylic art
            "My art is almost entirely abstract and often includes resin to create textural, sculptural elements, or as a full coat to create the incredible saturated colours and lustrous finish that only resin delivers!"

            Elizabeth Grant Art
            Elizabeth Grant - UK

            Elizabeth Grant Watercolour and Resin Artist
            "I am a self-confessed colour addict and I work with a variety of techniques to capture the essence or feeling of my subject. I like to connect to the soul of whatever I am working on."

            Lara Marvel
            Lara Marvel - Seattle, WA

            Lara Marvel resin and acrylic abstract art
            "Lara is Seattle based artist that uses many forms of mediums to express her creativity. One of her favorites being mixed media resin. Lara uses ink, spray paint and acrylics in her resin pieces to create layers of beauty."

            TS Studios
            Tabitha Sisson - Grand Rapids, MI

            Tabitha Sisson abstract acrylic resin art
            "I’m a mixed media artist trying to put a unique spin on my art to stand out from the rest."


            DM Art
            Darlene McMullan - Huntsville, AL


              Darlene McMullan resin mixed media art
              "Most of my art is on wood blocks that I paint and then cover in a thick coat of ArtResin. The resin just gives my art a finished and professional look as well as that pretty glossy shine."

              Rae West Artist
              Rae West - Hawkes Bay, NZ

              Rae West mixed media resin artist
              Her works pulse with the kinetic freedom of fluidity and light. She uses multiple veils of gold leaf, resin and ink, which blend and react against each other creating beautiful forms and textures. The end results are spontaneous, subconscious, and sensual."

              Venetian Plaster Art
              Matt Curtis - UK


              Venetian Plaster Art
              "Abstract venetian plaster art and abstract pouring art. For the plastering art, I use MDF (or some type of board) and for the pouring, I use canvas."



              Allycia Arts
              Allycia Uccello - Canada

              Allycia Arts acrylic and resin on wood cradle
              "I create paintings using resin and pigments in multiple layers in abstract patterns and lines, creating a light language."



              Klearwater Studio
              Kahlia Lear - Los Angeles, CA

              Kahlia Klearwater Studio resin and acrylic paintings
              "Self taught artist and creator making tropically wild ocean inspired art & more."



              Jonathan Pruc Art & Design
              Jonathan Pruc - Chicago, IL


              Jonathan Pruc acrylic and resin paintings resin wall art
              " I have been making multilayer resin and acrylic paintings which investigating the cross-section of personal space and liminal space through the abstraction of found objects and areas within the home since the start of the pandemic. This body of work examines the relationship between geometry, color theory, and 2D/3D space; continually pushing the illusion of dimensional planes."

              Dante M. Pirouz Fine Art
              Dante Pirouz - Imlay City, MI

                Dante Pirouz abstract acrylic painting
                "My work creates color infused interpretations of Midwestern landscapes and skyscapes."


                Claire Loft Art
                Claire Loft - US

                Claire Loft Art Oyster Paintings Resin and Acrylic Art
                "I love using ArtResin for my oyster paintings on small wooden panels. I love bright, bold color and your resin really makes the colors pop."


                Robert MacDonald - Brussels

                Robert MacDonald Acrylic and Resin Bird Painting
                "What I use ArtResin for is mostly at the moment on acrylic paintings on wood panel pieces."




                Andrea Soos Art
                Andrea Soos - Victoria, BC


                Andrea Soos abstract acrylic and resin paintings
                "Andrea Soos lets intuition guide her play of shape and colour; as a result her work taps into the personal and collective unconsciousness"



                Shelby Smith Art
                Shelby Smith - Darien, CT

                Shelby Smith Art Acrylic and Resin Painting
                "Shelby is inspired by minimalism and abstract art, which utilize elements of color, form and space in order to create an emotional response. She has always been drawn to the aesthetic and is fascinated by the interplay of bright, bold and saturated colors. She uses geometric shapes and negative space and likes to incorporate a high resin finish onto her large scale pieces."






                Gail Blima
                Gail Blima - Toronto, ON

                Gail Blima resin and acrylic collage art
                "By layering acrylic accents onto a collage base and incorporating the written word, the viewer is connected to its clear-cut message of empowerment, positivity and optimism."


                NH ArtDesign
                Neil - Bishop Auckland, UK

                NH Art Design abstract art UK resin art
                "Art is my full time passion. I love experimentation and use a wide range of mediums, including ArtResin. My main focus this year has been my first ever Solo Art Exhibition in my home town that runs until 2nd December."


                Nastia Craig Art
                Nastia Craig - Madison, WI

                  Nastia Craig mixed media resin collage art
                  "I create vibrant mixed media collages with acrylics on polyester film that I finish with Art Resin. I love how resin encapsulates all the layers I put together, adds depth to the colors and provides a glossy surface to the finished piece."

                  Timothy Groot Art
                  Timothy Groot - Toronto, ON

                  Timothy Groot Art mixed media and resin on wood
                  "I explore my understanding of the universe through art, layering themes of identity, entropy, and experience. I work with mixed-media and layered ArtResin on wood panel or canvas.


                  Seaglass Art By Mary Lou Powers
                  Mary Lou Powers - DE

                  Seaglass by Mary Lou Powers Resin Glass Collage Art
                  "I create very detailed, mosaic, mixed media art by using genuine, surf tumbled sea glass along with other mixed media and sealed with ArtResin."


                  Monica Gilles-BringsYellow Art
                  Monica Bringsyellow- Flathead Reservation & Missoula, MO

                  Monica Brings Yellow Alcohol Ink and Resin Collage
                  "My art is a mixture of inks, acrylics, and resin combined with portraits of Native American people. Specifically Salish relatives, family members and ancestors."

                  Alison Donaldson Art
                  Alison Donaldson - Houston, TX

                  Alison Donaldson Art resin and mixed media collage art
                  "Contemporary collage and mixed media artist with a breadth of larger pieces down to 4x4 mini heARTs and collages - perfect for gifting unique art."


                  The Alchemist's Lair
                  Amy Handy - Forest Hills, NY

                  The Alchemist's Lair Amy Handy resin mixed media collage
                  "Transmuting random findings into decorative art: Mixed media collage with found objects and resin."




                  Trilli - Toronto, ON


                    I've been drawn to using glitter since childhood because of the magical feeling the sparkle brings to my work. I especially love creating memorial portraits with this medium as the movement of the glitter in the light gives a sense of life to the person in a unique way."

                    Thomas Brioux Arts

                    Thomas Brioux - Bath, ON

                    "My art is a combination of action painting and realism. I often use action painting to describe a part of the art and realism to bring the painting together as a whole."



                    Heirloom Me
                    Darlene Hlozan - ON

                    Heirloom Me Resin Keepsake Pet Photos
                    "I create cutout photo Keepsakes, applied to laser cut 1/4” birch, topped with ArtResin to protect for many years! Ornaments, magnets, stand-alone or Birch Panels created with your favourite photos!"

                    Make Pretty Things Art
                    Samantha Reagin - Toronto, ON

                    Make Pretty Things Resin and acrylic abstract portrait
                    "I use acrylic paint, pastel, and spray paint to create some one-of-a-kind art pieces on wood. Layered with resin epoxy, they have a shiny look that enhances the colors and the global mystery of the pieces."

                    Four Corner Art
                    Cor Beattie - Ottawa, ON

                    Four Corner Art Cor Beattie David Bowie Pop Art acrylic and resin paintings
                    "Creating your favorite Pop Art mounted prints topped with the one and only ArtResin!"

                    Alcohol Ink

                    Julie Pelaez Studios

                    Julie Pelaez - Austin, TX

                    Julie Pelaez alcohol ink and resin abstract paintings
                    "Abstract Artist Julie Pelaez creates diverse mixed media collections, each with its own empowering theme and execution style.”

                    Laura Van Horne Art
                    Laura Van Horne - Seattle, WA

                    Laura Van Horne geode art resin acrylic ink mixed media paintings
                    "I make geode paintings with acrylic and ink mixed media with a top coat of resin."



                    Penny Gabor Art
                    Penny Gabor - Sault Ste Marie, ON

                    Penny Gabor Art alcohol ink and resin landscapes
                    "A bright, colourful, inky way of seeing this wild and rugged, yet intricately beautiful land we call home... because beauty is nourishing. 💕"

                    Cheryl Davidson Design

                    Cheryl Davidson - Canada

                    Cheryl Davidson mixed media resin and alcohol ink wall art
                    As a self taught artist since 2020/2021, I am discovering intuitive and creative expressions through mixed media, collage and resin art. I have been creating, exploring and playing with color and texture."



                    Monica Foulston Art
                    Monica Foulston - CA

                      Monica Foulston alcohol ink and resin painting
                      I create bold alcohol ink flowers. I use resin on my artwork, especially smaller works most recently."

                      Marlis Dsouza - Dubai

                      Marlis Dsouza alcohol ink and resin art
                      "Marlis creates abstract art with alcohol inks and resin and just released her first ever collection as a full time artist. NEW Wave is a series of 30 original pieces inspired by her life in Florida and to new beginnings."

                      Angie Evans Fine Art
                      Angie Evans

                      angie evans fine art resin and alcohol ink paintings
                      "Angie’s current work focuses on fluidity and motion in her expressionism pieces using alcohol ink and resin. Her inspiration comes from nature; the ocean, natural stones, etc. She also has a line of handmade jewelry and house-ware items that mimic the fluidity of her paintings."


                      JSN Design Art
                      John Niederhauser

                      John Ziederhauser Alcohol Ink and Resin Painting
                      "I work on a variety of media and create original resin, mixed media, and acrylic artwork."



                      Robert Lemermeyer
                      - Calgary, AB

                      Robert Lemermeyer photographer
                      "Robert’s work lies at the intersection of nature, art, health and well being. His large-scale mountain photographs topped with art resin appear like floating ponds—seemingly defying gravity."

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