Should I Warm Epoxy Resin In A Water Bath Before Mixing?

Yes, if your ArtResin is colder than room temperature, we recommend using a water bath to warm your resin prior to mixing.  Warmer epoxy resin is generally easier to work with and has far less bubbles. 

How to warm resin?

  1. Place your tightly capped bottles of resin and hardener in a container of hot ( not boiling ) water.
  2. Let the bottles sit in the water bath for 10-15 minutes ( depending on how cold your resin was to start with and how hot your water is. )
  3. Dry your bottles off thoroughly before opening them ( even a single drop of water in your resin or hardener can cause your resin to cure cloudy. )
  4. Since curing is accelerated by heat, be aware that warming your resin in a water bath cuts down your 45 minute working time by about 10 minutes, so time yourself accordingly.

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What's the ideal temperature for Art Resin?

The ideal working temperature for working with ArtResin is 75-85 F or 24-30 C, so if you're working with it in the summer, you may not need a water bath; if you're working in the winter, however, a warm water bath before you measure and mix is a good idea. 

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How Long Should I Leave My Epoxy Resin Sit In A Water Bath?

Well, that really depends on a few factors:  how cold your resin was to start with and how hot your water is. Generally we like to use water the same temperature as you would for a bath ( ie not boiling water - you don't want to melt the plastic bottles! ) and we leave it in for about 10-15 minutes total.

💡TIP:  Always ensure you warm your separate resin and hardener bottles BEFORE you measure and mix.  Since curing is accelerated by heat, warming your combined resin and hardener can cause it to thicken prematurely, prompting an exothermic reaction where the resin gets hot, very quickly.

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