How Much Epoxy Resin Do I Need?

Posted on 29 Sep 14:17

ArtResin has a label recommendation AND a Resin Calculator to help you figure out exactly how much epoxy resin you'll need for your project!


ArtResin is available in a variety of bottle sizes and each one indicates the approximate coverage to help YOU decide which kit will best suit your needs.
Big or small, we've got you ( and your artwork ) covered!

The ArtResin 8oz Kit
- 4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener
- covers about 4 square feet ( for example, a 2' x 2' piece )

The ArtResin 32oz Kit 
- 16 oz resin + 16 oz  hardener
- covers about 8 square feet ( for example, a 4' x 2' piece )

The ArtResin 1 gal Kit 
- half gallon of resin + half gallon of hardener
- covers about 32 square feet ( for example, a 4' x 8' piece )

The ArtResin 2 gal Kit 
- 1 gallon resin + 1 gallon hardener
- covers about 64 square feet ( for example, an 8' x 8' piece)

The ArtResin 4 gal Kit
- 2 gallons resin + 2 gallons hardener
- covers about 128 sq feet 

The ArtResin 10 gal Kit - for serious resin addicts!
- 5 gallons resin + 5 gallons of hardener
- covers about 320 sq feet 
NOTE - these recommended coverage amounts are based on a 1/8" pour.
The perfect ArtResin pour is 1/8".  Because it was formulated as a surface coating, ArtResin naturally self-levels to about 1/8". This is also just the right thickness to allow bubbles to rise to the top so they can be easily torched out. 
Can I get a coating thicker than 1/8"?
Absolutely! To get really thick coverage, simply layer ArtResin in 1/8" increments as high as you'd like, until you achieve the thickness you desire. Keep in mind, you'll need more ArtResin to cover the same surface area. 
Read more about the important how-to steps for pouring thick layers here.

Still not sure which kit you need? 
No problem!!
ArtResin has a super handy epoxy resin calculator on our website ... just punch in the dimensions of your project and our Resin Calculator will figure out how much resin you'll need AND which kit you should get.
Let's take a look ...

First, measure your piece ( in inches or centimetres - our Resin Calculator takes both! )

Next, head on over to, scroll down to Quick Links at the bottom of the page and click on Resin Calculator ...

Now, enter your dimensions and hit Calculate.

See? The ArtResin Calculator tells you how much ArtResin you'll need and even recommends which kit you should get!  It really is that simple!

NOTE - Recommended amounts on the Resin Calculator are based on a 1/8" pour. 
If you want to do multiple 1/8" pours, you'll need more ArtResin to cover the same surface area. 
TIP - We always recommend erring on the side of caution ... so if you can, mix up just a little more ArtResin than you think you might need. Not a lot, maybe an extra ounce, but trust us, we've been there, and sometimes that little amount can save the day! It's no fun to have to mix up more ArtResin right at the very end.  

There you go!

It's that easy!  
So next time you have a project in mind, grab those measurements and let ArtResin's Resin Calculator do the rest!

Don't ever be left guessing how much ArtResin you'll need again!