What's The Best Way To Pack Resined Art For Shipping?

Posted on 30 Sep 11:31

Did you know there is a proper way to pack your resined artwork?
It's true - and damage to your artwork can be avoided simply by proper packing!

The first step is to ensure your resin has fully cured.
Next, pad your piece with the correct materials. We definitely recommend investing in your shipping materials ... your artwork is valuable and special and worth it!
Following these steps will help to avoid damage and ensure your artwork arrives safely at its destination!

Check out this quick video for some great packing suggestions!


So, to summarize ... here's how to pack your art like a pro!

What you'll need:
- nitrile gloves
- blankets or foam to lay on your work surface
- glassine art paper to wrap your work in
- brown kraft paper
- cardboard corners
- sheets of polyfoam for padding
- packing tape
- scissors
- cardboard box


- Ensure your resined artwork has completely cured.
IMPORTANT - A full ArtResin cure is 72hrs.
Please don't wrap or ship your artwork before the 72hr mark. Though it may seem ready before this point, it is not. It won't have had a chance to dry all the way through and will be vulnerable to denting and marking. 

- Make sure your hands are clean or, even better, wear nitrile gloves when handling your artwork.  You don't want to get fingerprints and smudges all over that glossy resin finish!

- Next, lay down foam, a blanket or a towel on your tabletop to provide a soft surface for your artwork to lay on while you wrap it.

This really is the most important layer as it will be laying directly against the surface of your artwork, so choose wisely!
- ArtResin's material of choice for this important first protective layer is Glassine art paper
Its virtues truly are unparalled!  Glassine is a glossy, super smooth, non-abrasive, acid-free paper. Unlike tissue paper, it is moisture and grease resistant and has no tooth so it will not stick to your resined surface. No wonder it's used by art galleries and museums to wrap their paintings!   
You can buy it in sheets or rolls at the art store or on Amazon. It's not necessarily cheap, however it is by far the best paper to wrap delicate artwork in.  If it is too costly, you could try butcher paper or kraft paper - a cheaper option but not acid-free, nor is it very professional looking.  

TIP - DO NOT put plastic packing materials of any kind directly on the surface of your cured epoxy resin surface. It can stick and leave marks that are very difficult to remove!  Bubblewrap especially is a big no-no: it is notoriously bad for leaving small, circular impressions on your resined surface.  

* Once you have a barrier, glassine or otherwise, add padding on top.  Good padding options include: poly foam, cloths, canvas, sheets, towels, or cardboard.  Do what you need to do to cushion your piece appropriately.
If you ARE going to use bubble wrap, use it as exterior padding only ensuring that the bubble side is facing out, away from your artwork, to minimize any chance of marks.

* Then box and send.  Just like that :)

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