What's The Best Way To Pack Art For Shipping?

Posted on 30 Sep 11:31


We are asked this question on a regular basis - watch the video below for some great packing suggestions!

( We also address this question in the 'Tips' section of our FAQ, but thought it'd be worthwhile to answer it with a video as well. )

Check it out!


So, to summarize!

* Do NOT put plastic packing materials (such as bubble wrap) directly on the surface of your cured epoxy resin surface.  It can leave marks that are very difficult to remove!  Ahhh!  

* Instead, Glassine art paper is a wonderful solution.  You can buy it in sheets, packs or rolls at the art store or on Amazon.  It's not necessarily cheap, however we definitely recommend investing in your shipping materials, considering your artwork is valuable and special!!  You could also try using butcher paper... it is cheaper but not very professional looking.

* Once you have a barrier, Glassine or otherwise, add padding on top.  Good padding options include: poly foam, cloths, canvas, sheets, towels, cardboard, bubble wrap.  Do what you need to do to cushion your piece appropriately.

* Then box and send.  Just like that :)

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