Can I Apply A Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin? Can I Apply Multiple Coats Of Epoxy Resin?

Yes, you can apply a second coat of resin if you need to fix a mistake or a surface imperfection. You can also pour multiple layers if you need to cover areas of high relief, if you're pouring into a mold or if you simply like the look of a thicker coat.  It's important to remember that the ideal ArtResin pour is 1/8" - if you pour any thicker, you may end up with trapped bubbles in your cured resin that weren't able to escape to the top to get torched out. You can, however, layer ArtResin in multiple coats, as high as you'd like, as long as you pour in 1/8" increments.  

How To Apply A Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin:

Most people who do a second coat of epoxy are trying to fix a surface imperfection that happened in the first coat. For example, you may find bubbles, or hair or dust that landed while your piece was wet and cured into your resin.

Here's how to fix that and what grit to sand epoxy 

1. Sand down Epoxy Resin

First, sand down the entire surface of your piece with coarse sandpaper ( we use 80 grit sandpaper here at ArtResin ). Sanding epoxy resin between coats will not only get out the imperfection, but will also serve to provide some tooth between the first and second layers.

It will look very scuffed in the short term, but don't worry, once you pour the second coat over top, all of those sanding marks will disappear.


2. Clean Any Sanding Debris & Pour Next Coat

Wipe away any of sanding debris before you pour your next coat of well measured, well mixed ArtResin over the top, then cover with a dustcover to make sure you avoid any of those imperfections a second time and you should be good to go!

💡TIP:  ArtResin self-levels at about an 1/8" of an inch. You can pour a little deeper if you're pouring into a vessel like a silicone mold, but you want to be careful not to pour deeper than 1/4" for a couple of reasons:  first, it's hard for bubbles to release at anything thicker than that and second, the resin can heat up in ways you don't want if you pour too thick. Keep in mind that if you pour ArtResin deeper than 1/8", it will take longer to cure.

How To Apply Multiple Coats Of Epoxy Resin:

Some artists like to do third, fourth or fifth coats with artwork in between each layer for a 3D effect. You can also pour multiple layers of ArtResin if you just like the look of a thicker coat, if you want to embed objects into the resin or if you're pouring into a silicone mold.

How long should epoxy dry before sanding?

 If you are looking for that layered look, there are two ways to achieve it:


1. Wait 24 Hours & Sand Down the Whole Piece

First, you can wait 24 hrs after your first pour, sand down the whole piece with coarse sandpaper to create some tooth, and pour your second coat at that point, as originally described. Repeat until you reach the thickness you desire.

2. Wait 3-5 Hours & Pour the Second Coat of Epoxy Resin

Second, to save you some time, you can wait 3-5 hrs after your first pour, to where the resin has reached a jelly like state. Instead of sanding, you'll pour the second coat on at that time: the stickiness of the resin will provide the tooth and the curing will happen simultaneously between the two layers, bonding them together very nicely. Repeat these steps until you reach the thickness you desire.

Both methods work very nicely for pouring multiple layers! So whether you're working on an epic piece with lots of layers, or you're simply trying to fix an imperfection on your first coat, rest assured that pouring a second coat is always an option!

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