Will I See The Scratch Marks From Sanding Under A Second Coat Of Resin?

Any scratch marks that come from sanding your cured resined surface will completely disappear under a fresh coat of ArtResin and your piece will look crystal clear once again!

Sanding a cured resin surface will not only remove an imperfection like a hair or a bubble, but it will also create some tooth for the fresh resin layer to adhere to, so it's very important that you sand the entire piece and use a coarse sandpaper, like 80 grit. After you've sanded, your piece will look scratched, but don't worry!  When you pour on your fresh coat of ArtResin, it will fill in all of those scratch marks from sanding - you'll never know they were there!

Try it. It’s awesome.

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About the author: Dave Zak

Hi, I'm Dave, a Canadian-based entrepreneur. I was born an artist and I love to tinker and create things. After studying art and working in marketing, I founded ArtResin in 2008 in response to the toxic and yellowing resin products that were giving me headaches and ruining my artwork.