Can I Get A Textured Surface With Epoxy Resin?

You can get a textured surface with ArtResin epoxy resin and there are a couple of ways to achieve it.

  1. If your work is textured to begin with, apply ArtResin with a foam brush, across the uneven surface and in and out of the areas of relief to provide a nice even layer of resin..

  2. If you have a flat surface, you can create a texture in the resin by using a ragging technique with a gloved hand or a rag to create a perfectly imperfect finish. 

  3. You can also apply two coats of resin to achieve a textured surface on your artwork: apply the first coat as usual and use a rag to apply the second one. 

A textured surface not only looks great, but can also cover up imperfections in your artwork. 

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