Can Epoxy Resin Be Tinted?

Yes, ArtResin looks beautiful when it’s tinted. ArtResin can be tinted with our own ResinTint liquid colorant, as well as other materials.


How to tint epoxy resin?

Simply drop the colorant into the mixture while stirring for an all over saturated color. Regardless of the material you choose, just be aware that a little goes a long way. Don't add more than 6% of the total volume of mixed resin and hardener. Adding more colorant than this may interfere with the delicate balance necessary for the epoxy resin's chemical reaction to take place, thereby preventing your ArtResin from curing properly. 

What materials can you use to tint ArtResin?

  • Acrylic paint or acrylic ink can be used keeping in mind, of course, that acrylics are water based. It may reduce ArtResin's glossiness and produce more of an opaque look. Some acrylic paints can react with the resin and cause it to become thick or even flash cure.
  • Oil paint really is not an option. It gets all stringy and weird and you don’t want to bother with it.
  • Alcohol ink looks beautiful in ArtResin especially for creating petri dish art.
    ⚠️ PLEASE NOTE:  Alcohol is a solvent so it will compromise the non-toxicity of the ArtResin and cause a flammability risk. Wear a respirator when adding alcohol ink to ArtResin. 


All 24 ResinTint colorants are non-toxic and crafted for compatibility with ArtResin epoxy resin, preserving the glossiness and translucency of the resin while not posing a flammability risk when torched. 

If you’re looking for more information on ResinTint we have a whole ResinTint 101 Series that will answer all of your questions.

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