FREE ResinTint Color Mixing Guide


Hey friends, Dave and Rebecca here with some great news!

We've been working hard on our new FREE ResinTint Color Mixing Guide and we can't wait to share it with you! This guide will allow you to mix and mingle our assorted ResinTints in order to achieve any color under the rainbow!

ResinTint Color Mixing Guide

ResinTint premium liquid pigment colorants are crafted for compatibility with ArtResin for rich saturation and glorious deep hues. Each of our 16 colors is highly concentrated—but the rainbow doesn't have to stop there! By following our simple drip charts, you can stir up your own secondary and tertiary colors, as well as pastels, pearls, browns, neutrals and so much more. This guide will help take all of the guess work out of color mixing so you can go straight to creating your masterpiece! Dive in and don't be afraid to experiment.

Download your free copy of ArtResin's ResinTint Color Mixing Guide here - you're gonna love it!

Life is art, so let's live it in color! :)



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