ArtResin Is Food Safe Resin!

Posted on 26 Jun 16:39

YES it is!!  
In fact, ArtResin is certified safe for incidental food contact by the FDA!!

Read on to learn more ....

OK, ArtResin ....

- we KNOW that your epoxy resin creates an incredible, glossy, crystal clear finish.
- we KNOW that ArtResin has the best non-yellowing properties on the market.
- we KNOW that ArtResin makes wood look gorgeous.
- we KNOW you've used ArtResin to make candy bowls, coasters, trivets and trays.

But can you actually USE the stuff you make?
Like, can you REALLY eat off of it?

In other words, is ArtResin safe for contact with food?!

We're so glad you asked :)
And the answer is yes, yes and yes!!!

Not only is ArtResin 1) BPA Free and 2) certified non-toxic and safe for home use WHILE you're creating with it, but fully cured and dried ArtResin has been designated SAFE for incidental contact with food!

And while you can check out our Safety Data Sheets, don't just take our word for it ...
the FDA says so too!

So go ahead ... have that party and use your ArtResin'd tableware!
... prepare that cheese board!
... serve that charcuterie platter!
... fill that candy bowl with sweets!
... place your coffee cup right on that coaster!

And do so with complete confidence, because not only will your ArtResin'd piece look gorgeous and take pride of place at your party table, but it is 100% food safe too.

Win Win!!

And do you know what's even cooler?
After your party is over and it's time to clean up .... guess what??
ArtResin is waterproof and dishwasher safe!
It's true!
Take a peek and Dave will explain ....

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