How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

Posted on 15 Sep 15:10

Yes you can!  From time to time it may be necessary to add a second coat to your resin job. Here's how to do it!

You may want to add a second coat:

  • To fix mistakes
  • To repair damage
  • To build up the surface and make it thicker


Applying a Second Coat

  • If fixing previous mistakes such as uncured resin, scrape off any sticky material as best you can and discard. 

  • If you have before you a deep divot or crater, patch in some new thoroughly mixed resin just in that spot.

  • Next, lightly sand the entire piece (including the cured patch, if you needed a patch) and repour a second layer of resin on top. The sanding provides some tooth to the first coat so the second layer will adhere properly.  It will look a mess until you pour the second layer, and then it'll look great!  Obviously you need to wait until the first layer and patch are 100% cured before adding more resin on top.


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