How to Clean Epoxy Resin Artwork

We're often asked about the best ways to clean epoxy resin artwork to keep it looking as glossy and beautiful as the day it was made.

The best way to clean cured resined is to simply treat it as you would glass: use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner just like you would any glass surface. 

Gentle cleaning will help to keep your epoxy resin artwork looking clear and shiny!

How to Clean Resin Art

Just like glass, cured resin has a smooth, shiny surface that can show fingerprints or dust and may need occasional cleaning. Clean your resin art just as you would clean glass by spraying it with a mild glass cleaner, then gently wiping it dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Epoxy resin is strong and durable so you can safely use a mild glass cleaner without damaging the resin surface.
💡TIP: Avoid the use of abrasive cleansers, scouring pads or bleach as they may scratch or damage the surface of the resin. 

How to Remove Fingerprints From Resin

Epoxy resin has a beautiful, high gloss surface that can easily show fingerprints on the surface. Most fingerprints will be removed with glass cleaner, but for more stubborn spots, wipe gently with a damp, soft cloth and a solution of mild soap and water. 


Can I Wash Cured Epoxy Resin?

Yes, you can wash cured epoxy resin. Functional pieces like resin coasters and serving trays can easily get dirty during use. Since cured epoxy resin is waterproof, you can wash them with a soft cloth and a little mild dish soap without fear of damaging them.

How to Clean Epoxy Resin Tools

  • Plastic resin tools such as spreaders, stir sticks and mixing containers are easy to clean: wipe off as much resin as you can with paper towel, spritz the tools with alcohol and wipe off any remaining residue. Repeat as necessary until all traces of resin are gone, then wash in hot, soapy water and allow to dry. Your tools will be ready to go next time you're in the mood to resin! 
  • For more information on cleaning your work space, your hands, and how to clean up cured resin drips and spills, see our blog.


Can You Clean Resin With Alcohol?

  • Do not clean cured resin with alcohol. Alcohol breaks down resin and while this is useful for cleaning sticky tools or resin spills, alcohol can quickly cause cured resin to become dull or even sticky. To maintain the high gloss finish, clean cured resin surfaces with a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth.


Resin Care Instructions

Whether you've created resin art, coasters, jewelry, charcuterie boards, keychains or tumblers, taking proper care of your creations will help keep them looking their best. Learn how to care for your resin creations with  ArtResin's handy Resin Care Guide which offers the best practices (and what to avoid) to maintain their beauty for years to come. 

Attention Resin Art & Craft Business Owners:
We’ve included 8 FREE Resin Care Cards that you can personalize with your business name, website and social media handle. Download, print, and include them with your orders. These cards will help your customers care for their resin items to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they received them!

Do you want to learn more about the epoxy resin cleaning process? Read our guides below:



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