Five Inspirational Resin Artists

1. Mike Mozart AKA “MiMo”
   Street Artist, Disney Illustrator, YouTuber

Mike Mozart, AKA “MiMo”  is an OG street artist and Disney illustrator from way back.  He started out creating street art back in the 70’s before graffiti was considered an art form.  Much of his work features an appropriation of Hasbro’s Mr. Monopoly man in connotative and often compromising positions.  He offered his artistic services to other well-known artists in years past as a ghost artist, MIMOand has recently given that up to pursue his own well-deserved notoriety.  He is the originator of painted vintage Monopoly game boards coated in ArtResin that have been popping up all over New York.  Many of these works are currently on display at the 212 Art Gallery in NYC.  Mozart is also the creator of the very popular TheToyChannel on YouTube, where he has thousands of reviews of classic and modern toys.


2. Bruce Riley
Contemporary Abstract Artist

Bruce Riley is known for his psychedelic pieces which reach completion by pouring both paint and ArtResin.  Psychedelic isn’t necessarily the style that Bruce strives for though.  He is more so enticed by the creative process behind each large panel of his work and the sense of "flow" that painting provides.  He describes this “flow” as a subconscious mental zone where heightened creativity is possible.

Bruce’s pieces are absolutely unique by virtue of his intuitive process that he describes as a “living thing that’s of the moment.”  His technique is experimental and as such, mistakes and unforeseen moments are integral to achieving his end result.  The depth of this work is hard to grasp in words or a simple photo, however the nature of his technique really comes to life in the video below:

We’ve been in awe of Bruce’s work for months now. He was our ArtResin Featured last May! Check that blog post out here.


3. Mitch Gobel
Resin Artist, Conservation Activist

Mitch Gobel is an abstract resin artist from down under who is intimately connected to environmental issues in Australia and beyond.  The proceeds of his artwork go towards wildlife and habitat conservation charities.  By fusing his passion for art and the environment, Gobel is gaining the international attention of animal lovers and artists alike.  The various projects that his pieces have funded over the years have transformed his art into something bigger than the sum of their parts:

It gives my work a purpose besides being a decoration and it’s great motivation to turn my work into something huge. I know that if I keep pushing my work, it will eventually give me a voice for the environmental issues that I’m passionate about.” - M. Gobel

Mich Gobel ArtResin Art Resin Artist

Gobel uses resin on all of his work.  He often combines the resin with various mediums to achieve the captivating flair that all of his work carries.  


4. Dustin Yellin

Sculptor, Innovator

Dustin Yellin is a New York based artist that is best known for his sculptural work. Yellin’s signature pieces are boxes he creates and embeds objects into, suspending them in resin.  Yellin started out creating small boxes with various objects and prints, and then gradually moved into lifesize boxes that were composed of layers and layers of glass with different prints on each.  

We came across Yellin’s TED Talk a few months ago where he remarks about the toxicity issues with the product he was then using.  It's a common complaint amongst artists, and in fact it's one of the main reasons we developed a safe alternative (ArtResin has no VOCs or fumes). 

Check out Yellin's TED talk: 



5. Bree Ramirez
Contemporary Abstract Artist

Bree Ramirez ArtResin Art Resin

Bree Ramirez's art evokes the beach, the ocean, surf and freedom—fitting, because she lives in Australia!  It’s easy to find yourself in awe of Ramirez’s talent—one look and you’ll want to know the secrets of her marbled / lacy resin techniques—but what’s even more amazing is that Ramirez does what she does without the ability to distinguish color!

Watch Ramirez see color for the first time using En Chroma glasses:




We love highlighting other artists' work.  If you know of a truly unique, interesting artist, please let US know!!  We will be happy to spread the love their way.