What type of glue should I use to hold paper to a surface prior to using ArtResin?

  • What Type Of Glue Should I Use To Mount Paper To A Surface Before I Resin?
  • There are lots of different types and qualities of glue available - choose one that dries clear and that doesn't contain much water so it doesn't ripple the paper the paper you're using.  A spray adhesive and a glue stick work very well.  To mount your paper evenly and securely, apply the glue of your choice over the entire back of your paper.  Starting with the edge closest to you, line the paper up evenly with the edge of the substrate and roll it back slowly, making sure no air pockets are trapped underneath. Next, take a clean piece of paper and a brayer and roll evenly on top of your piece making sure any air pockets are out the piece is adhered securely.  Allow enough time for the glue to dry thoroughly before you apply ArtResin over top.