What Type Of Glue Should I Use To Mount Paper To A Surface Before I Resin?

From school glue to archival, there are lots of different types and qualities of glue available, at all price points. No matter which glue you choose, make sure you use a glue that dries clear and that doesn't contain much water so it won’t ripple the paper that you’re using. A spray adhesive or even a glue stick works really well.

To mount your piece evenly and securely, cover the entire back of your piece with the glue of your choice. Ensure the coverage is even and you don't miss any spots - you want to make sure the paper completely bonds to the substate. Then, very carefully, roll the print out bit by bit onto your substrate making sure that no air pockets are trapped underneath. Next, take a clean piece of paper and a brayer and roll on top of your piece making sure, once again, all those bubbles are out and that the piece is adhered securely. 

Allow enough time for the glue to dry thoroughly before you apply your ArtResin.

How To Mount A Print Before You Resin:


Applying adhesive to a wood panel with a lip


  1. Apply an even coat of adhesive to the entire panel, ensuring the edges are thoroughly covered. 
  2. Starting with the edge closest to you, line up your print with the edge of the panel and gently lay the rest of the print down. 
  3. Lay a piece of paper on your print to protect it and, using a brayer, roll back and forth applying gentle, even pressure to remove any air pockets and ensure the print bonds to the wood panel. 
  4. Pay particular attention to the edges to make sure there is a good bond to prevent any resin from getting under the print and soaking in. 
  5. Allow the glue to dry and you're ready to resin!

Applying adhesive to a flat wood panel ( no lip )


  1. Line up your print evenly on the wood panel.
  2. Using a spring clamp, clamp it to the edge of the table, ensuring you slip a piece of paper under the clamp to protect your print.
  3. Lifting up the far half of the print which isn't clamped, apply an even spray of adhesive. Lay down your print.
  4. Apply a piece of paper over your print to protect it, roll a brayer over your print to remove any air pockets and to ensure a good, even bond.
  5. Flip the panel around and repeat the process on the other side.
  6. Allow the glue to dry and you're ready to resin!

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