Why Does My Epoxy Resin Mixture Feel Hot?

Once you combine the resin and hardener, a chemical reaction starts to happen that is the beginning of the curing process. As with many chemical reactions. heat is a normal byproduct of this. Heat output is greater with the larger quantities of resin that you use. 

You’ll be happy to know that ArtResin is protected against the yellowing that can be caused by thermal energy, i.e. heat.

⚠️PLEASE NOTE: Pour your resin and hardener mixture as soon as possible after you've finished stirring. Measuring and mixing your resin and hardener should always be your last step, so 
make sure you have your workstation, tools and artwork prepped before you start. Unless it is spread out over a larger surface area , the resin and hardener mixture will continue to heat up if allowed to sit in the mixing container. This can prompt an exothermic reaction in which the resin heats up very quickly and cures prematurely.

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