How to Make a Cast of a Camera: Making a One-Part Mold Using Mold Making Material

Posted on 17 Mar 12:27

Everyone loves to look at photos. From cool selfies to family memories, pictures say more than a thousand words.

But what about the camera? Cameras have changed so much over the past few decades, sporting all sorts of different looks and styles. Wouldn't it be cool to cast your own camera, adding your own special flare to it?

Copy that.

Here's a quick snapshot on how to make a one-part mold of a camera using our new product, Mold Making Material.

The first thing we did was make a box slightly larger than the camera. We like to leave about ½” to ¾” of space between the box and the object you're cloning.

We used foam core for this mold’s frame, taping the sides together and also lining the inside of the box with clear packing tape.

The tape helps the box to become waterproof and also allows for the finished mold to be easily pulled away.

We then superglued the camera to the bottom of the box so that nothing moved once the liquid silicone was added.

Next it was time for the Mold Making Material. We mixed equal measurements of Part A and Part B until the color was consistent.

The 2 parts of the Mold Making Material kit are actually 2 different colors (white and dark blue) so you'll know when the mixture is thoroughly mixed when the color becomes one consistent medium blue hue.

Next, we poured the mixture into our container and over our camera.

Then, we waited for the mold to cure. 3-4 hours at room temperature will do the trick.

After poking the mold to ensure it was ready (solid and not sticky), we removed the camera from the mold.

Ba-da-boom! The mold is complete. We can now make exact replicas of this camera over and over and over again.

You can use many different substances to fill the mold such as polyurethane and wax but we recommend ArtResin in combination with our line of ResinTints.

Just like Mold Making Material, ArtResin is a simple 1 to 1 ratio of resin and hardener. Measure out equal parts of both solutions and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. You’ll have approximately 45 minutes of working time with the resin mixture before it will begin to set.

Grab any color of ResinTint and pour a few drops into the ArtResin. Then just mix it all together.

Pour your tinted resin into the mold right to the top and let it sit for at least 24 hours. ArtResin is hard to the touch after 24 hours but a full, hardened cure will take 72.

Once time has passed, feel free to remove the new camera from the mold. You can repeat this process many times over as the mold is strong enough to make multiple copies.

Can't you just picture the endless possibilities?

Have fun and create as many replicas as you wish.

...Do you copy? ;)