How Much ArtResin Do I Need?

Posted on 30 Apr 11:01
ArtResin self-levels at about 1/8” when it’s on a flat surface so as a general rule, every 4 oz of resin and hardener combined ( 2 oz resin mixed with 2 oz of hardener ) should cover about 1 square foot.

To make the math simple, we have a handy Resin Calculator at Simply punch in the length and width of your piece and our Resin Calculator will tell you exactly how much ArtResin you need, as well as make a recommendation as to what size kit makes sense for you.

💡TIP: when you’re measuring your ArtResin, it’s always best to have a little bit more than not enough. It's no fun to have to mix up more ArtResin right at the very end!  Recommended amounts on the Resin Calculator are based on a 1/8" pour. If you want to do multiple 1/8" pours, you'll need more ArtResin to cover the same surface area. 

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