How Can I Safely Package My Resin Art Pieces?

When shipping your beautiful resined artwork, there are some dos and some don'ts to ensure it arrives safely to its destination.

    1. Make sure the resin on your artwork is fully cured: 

      ArtResin is fully cured a full 72 hours after you've poured. While it is dry enough to hang on the wall at the 24 hour mark, it could be prone to indentation and damage until it has fully cured. If your resin coat is very thick, wait even longer than 72 hours.
    2. Wear gloves:

      Before you wrap your artwork, wear gloves to prevent getting fingerprints all over the resin surface. This may seem insignificant, but it will keep your piece looking pristine.

    3. Work on a cushioned surface:

      To avoid getting scratches on your resin surface, place your piece on a soft, smooth blanket while you wrap.

    4. Protect the resin surface:

      The layer directly against your resined artwork should be a smooth, non-abrasive paper like glassine, baker's parchment, butcher's paper or brown kraft paper. NOTE: Do not use waxed paper, tissue paper, plastic wrap or bubble wrap as these can stick to and damage your resined surface. Bubble wrap should be avoided entirely - all of those little bubbles can permanently indent your resined surface.
    5. Provide cushioning: 

      Once your piece is protected with glassine, pad it with poly foam to provide cushioning. You can further pad your piece with fabric, cardboard or foam core for extra protection.

    6. Box it up:

      and send!

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