@ampuleio_art Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Alexis Puleio, our latest Instagram winner!
Alexis Puleio is an artist from Naples, FL who draws inspiration from the Gulf shore to create stunning ocean resin art. 

Alexis is a self-taught, full-time artist who creates her artwork paintings from her in-home studio space. 
e enjoys trying all mediums, but her aerial seascapes are made by pouring ArtResin tinted with acrylics, inks and mica powders. Alexis hopes the turquoise and blues of the water, the white wave crests and the sandy shoreline "invoke a memory, whether it be of travel, an experience, a summer vacation, or of a special place."

Alexis first discovered resin back in 2012 when she wanted to varnish an oil painting in a way that felt like glass: "
It completely changed the course of my artwork. I started experimenting with adding colors and creating landscapes, and before I knew it, I was on a totally new and exciting path."

Creating art provides Alexis with a sense of peace and freedom, as well as a sense of self: "As a mom of two little ones, it is so important to still have 'me' time and remember who I am outside of the Mom Role."
Alexis walks us through her process: "I am a commission based artist, so many of my pieces start off as the client's idea. Once we have nailed down the concept of how they want their piece to look, I do a digital sketch. This helps me know exactly where I would like to lay down my color and resin. I first sand, seal, prime, and tape my wood panels before I start. It is a time consuming process, but 100% necessary!

"Next, I paint on a foundation layer of acrylic paint, so that I know where I want to pour my colored resin. Once the resin is on, I babysit the piece to pick out or burn off dust. I am not a big fan of dust covers. I want to be able to spot any unwanted marks on my piece, and with a cover, you can't always do that. The dust cover itself can also drop debris into the resin, so I personally feel more comfortable keeping a close eye on my open painting, with a blow torch and toothpick handy. Each piece has 2-3 layers of resin on it, so I sand down the piece between each layer, and start the process again."

Alexis currently sells her pieces in her studio, on her website, Etsy and locally in Naples at the Eydel Fine Arts Gallery and the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort of Naples. 

To see more of Alexis' work:
Visit her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/customartbyalexis
Follow her on Instagram: @ampuleio_art
Watch her video: ArtResin Featured Artist - Alexis Puleio

Congratulations on your win, Alexis!

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