ArtResin Featured Artist - Alexis Puleio

Alexis is an acrylic and resin artist based in Naples, Florida.
Inspired by the beautiful Gulf coastline where she lives, Alexis brings her love of nature to the canvas in the form of aerial seascapes.

Alexis Puleio - beautiful Gulf coastline

While her artwork is gorgeous to look at, it has a quality that makes you want to reach your hand out and touch it as well. So much so in fact, that Alexis encourages viewers to experience her paintings in both a visual and tactile way: to run their hands along the hard textures of the rocks and sand, the fuzzy greenery and the smooth, glassy surface of the resined waters.

Alexis blends aspects from a variety of sources and inspirations to create her perfect seascapes ... the beauty found in nature, a colour palette in a photograph, or a scene in a film can all catch her eye and spark her creativity. Sketched out on paper, her process is detailed, planned, and deliberate but once working with the resin, she can only manipulate it to a certain point before she has to step back and let it flow, allowing her artwork to take on a life of its own.

Alexis Puleio - perfect seascapes

Alexis Puleio - beauty found in nature

Alexis Puleio - beauty found in nature

ArtResin recently had the opportunity to spend time with Alexis at her Naples studio, watching her create her gorgeous seascapes and chatting about how learning to let go and give into the process is one of the best forms of creative therapy.

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