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Modelling Clay

How To Resin Modeling Clay

  1. First, assemble your modelling clay art. You may choose to draw a design outline directly onto the wood panel before you start or you can simply freehand an abstract design. Once your design is complete, you're ready to resin.

  2. Wearing gloves, measure and mix the ArtResin according to instructions. 
    💡 TIP: If you're not sure how much ArtResin you need, enter the dimensions of your piece into our Resin Calculator.

  3. Pour the resin in the center of your artwork and use a disposable foam brush to guide the resin over the entire surface, taking care not to damage the clay.

  4. Use an Artist’s Torch to remove bubbles.

  5. Cover and all the resin to cure. After 24 hours, the resin will be dry to the touch and will be fully cured after 72 hours.


Read our blog How To Resin Modelling Clay for full, step-by-step instructions!


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