Why Artists Need to Look into ArtResin!

Posted on 20 Jan 12:19


Go to any group art show anywhere in the world and you are likely to see some artist or photographer coating their work in Epoxy Resin.

Face it, epoxy resin make your work look like a 'product'.  


A coat of ArtResin instantly increases the value of your artwork because it looks more expensive.

It also keeps the colors underneath vibrant, acting very much like expensive UV glass that framers use.  UV light is filtered before it reaches your colouring mediums on the work.

Also, it makes the art waterproof and weather proof.  So it is protected!  Seriously protected.  Throw it in the ocean and come back tomorrow and run over it with the car by accident!


But can you use just any epoxy resin?


Heck no!

So many artists have learned this the hard way, and they come to us! 

Actually we started ArtResin becasue other resin from the artstore and hardware store ruined our art by turning yellow (and gave us headaches).




Most epoxy resin yellows badly over time, even to the point of 'chalking' which means it turns cloudy.  Some can crack too.

Here is a blog that goes deep into how epoxy resin yellows.


(The one on the left is the #1 selling brand right now in the craft industry.  Right is ArtResin.  Both exposed to UV light in the exact same conditions and time.)

Also, you have to wear a respirator with 99% + epoxy resin products out there.  We have heard stories from customers about how [brand name removed] made their teeth rot.  Seriously. Google it!  They had to replace all their teeth.  Others have had to stop using competitive brands because the started having seizures.

ArtResin was made for these reasons.  It has the best yellowing protection in the world and you don't need a respirator to use it.  The shelf life also has beat records, staying fresh in the bottle for months longer than competition.


ArtResin is the best Epoxy Resin hands down.  You can believe us, or check out the thousands of satisfied customers posting all over the internet (instagram link to #artresin)

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So, have you not tried epoxy resin and need to be convinced further? Call me at 905 999 9941 and I am happy to chat about your ideas.  My name is Dave and I love talking to people who make things.