What Is ArtResin's Heat Resistance?

The maximum temperature that cured ArtResin can tolerate is 120F or 50C. At temperatures as high as that, the cured pieces may become a little flexible but once they cool off, they will harden up once again. If your cured resin is exposed to temperatures beyond 120F or 50C, however - for example, you leave a cured piece in a hot car for a long time - it could cause irreparable damage.

A word to the wise? Keep it cool!

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About the author: Rebecca Zak

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I co-founded ArtResin with my husband, Dave. I’m a serial entrepreneur! As an artist and a former teacher, I've been able to leverage my creativity and experience to start multiple business ventures. In fact, there's nothing I love more than seeing a good idea turned into...