Victoria Pearson is our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Victoria Pearson, our latest Instagram winner! 
Victoria is based in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada and became a self-taught resin artist over the pandemic quarantine. From jewelry to wall art to functional art, her work swirls with rich layers of turquoise and white, inspired by tropical ocean waves.

Are you a full time artist?
"I currently work full time as a Set Decorator (essentially an interior designer for movie sets) working 60+ hour weeks. Resin became a self taught passion of mine over the quarantine pandemic. The local Vancouver Aquarium was under threat of permanently closing when the pandemic hit and I decided to make ocean inspired art and donate 100% of the proceeds to the aquarium! It was a huge success and, to my surprise, people requested more art be made. I kept going and, after many failed attempts, have slowly created my own style and technique. Art now fills in the time between my work schedule."

What was it about resin that attracted you?

"I discovered a couple of resin artists who focused on ocean inspired pieces in 2019. I fell in love with the medium and process and couldn't wait to attempt it myself. It finally happened in 2020 when I developed my "Coconuts n Waves" series:  little oceans inside of coconut bowls! I'm drawn to resin for its fluidity and organic nature. I love that you have some control but frequently it has a mind of it's own just like the ocean waves I recreate. 

Discovering resin impacted my art in a way that I can now create multiple pieces at the same time. I love how the medium allows each piece to be unique and allows the artist to create not just art, but functional pieces as well like jewelry, service ware and trinket dishes!"

Why do you feel drawn to make art?
"Creativity is my happy place! I like to refer to it like in the Disney Pixar movie "Soul" when they discuss people being "in the zone".  When I'm creating, I will frequently put on tropical travel documentaries or ocean documentaries and get lost in this magical world of endless ocean discovery and imagination. My hope is that viewers can be transported there right along with me! 

I love sparking imagination and that's why I'll often use movie soundtracks or classical music in my Instagram Stories to help the viewer teleport to a tropical or oceanic destination!"

What does your process look like?
"My signature items are definitely my coconut bowl oceans! I start by creating a base in the coconut bowl and then build up the beach and surrounding rocks with a mix of sand, resin and artist concrete. After that, I'll apply the base layer of water - a mix of resin tinted with blue acrylic paint, usually in 3-4 different hues. Once cured, I add the turtles and apply a clear coat of resin around them to create depth. When that has cured, I'll go in and add 2-3 resin layers of waves, all slightly tinted in the blue hues, and resin with white acrylic paint around the edge to create the wave. I use a mix of heat gun and butane torch to create the cells."

"I sell only on Etsy for the moment, though locals will frequently spot my instagram posts and buy from me directly!"


To see more of Victoria's work:
Visit her website:
Follow her on Instagram: @wilderness.n.waves


Congratulations on your win, Victoria!

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