@trillilife Is Our Newest Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Trilli, our latest Instagram winner!  
Trilli is a full time, self-taught artist based in Toronto who developed a technique using glue and glitter to create realistic paintings. Her process is so fascinating to watch unfold that several videos she has been featured in have gone viral.

Trilli's childhood fascination with glitter continued well into her teen years, when she began to experiment and develop the technique used on her art today. She's drawn to using glitter because of the magical feeling the sparkle brings to her work: "I especially love creating memorial portraits with this medium as the movement of the glitter in the light gives a sense of life to the person in a unique way. It's a medium that cannot be copied, duplicated, or truly fully experienced in photo or video - it's an in-person and one-of a kind experience, and created with a technique that was built throughout my whole life."

Trilli says: "I like to inspire others. Creative ideas have always come easily to me, so I like to keep producing work and new diverse ideas, to push the boundaries of what people think is possible to make out of using only glitter! I hope that it inspires others to try something new, different, and keep thinking of unconventional ways to make and share art."

Each piece starts as a sketch on a wood panel to which Trilli applies glue with a fine nozzle tip, before adding her glitter. She starts with the black outline, working her way from dark to light, often blending many different colors together in the wet glue to get the perfect shade. She typically does a base layer first, letting it fully dry, before adding fine details over top, such as highlights, hair strands and eyelashes. When the piece is done and fully dried, the edges are painted and then sealed with ArtResin.  
She says: "Applying resin to my glitter pieces enhanced the sparkle so much and it's essential for protecting the piece long term so no glitter sheds off. I am applying it as standard practice to all my portrait work since it really gives it the professional finish and makes the results so much more dynamic and vibrant."

Trilli sells her artwork online, mostly through commission work booked through her website or through social media.

To see more of Trilli's work:
Visit her website: 
Follow her on Facebook: fb.com/trilli.artist
Watch her on YouTube: youtube.com/trilli
Like her work on Instagram:  @TrilliLife
See her on TikTok: @TRILLILIFE 


Congratulations on your win, Trilli!

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