Toni Martin is our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Toni Martin
, our latest Instagram winner! Toni is a self-taught artist working full-time in Frisco, Texas. Her abstract artwork is very emotional and expressive thanks to its fluid movement and color.

Toni discovered resin 6 years ago only to watch her work blossom as the acrylics and other mediums intersected with the resin. Not only does Toni love the sheen that ArtResin provides, but for her, there is a purity in its ability to encase beauty in chaos.  

Toni's sense of self is very present in each of her pieces. Her creative process is more like a conversation with herself where color takes the place of words. Through this process, Toni is able to visually express her emotions in order to make sense of the world around her.

Emotion through color.


You can find more of Toni’s work on Instagram @tonimartinart and on her website:


Congratulations on your win, Toni!


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