@t.s._studios Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Tabatha Sisson, our latest Instagram winner! Tabatha is a full-time, self-taught mixed media artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Having dabbling in a variety of mediums, including resin, acrylic and alcohol inks, she found herself getting bored and in need of a new challenge.

Tabatha knew what the answer was: go bigger and bolder by combining what she loved most about each individual medium. In doing so, she created her T.S. Studios signature style, a painting mash up with a vibrant, fluid, and extra sparkly look uniquely her own.




Tabatha finds the versatility and unpredictable nature of alcohol ink both challenging and inspiring and loves incorporating them into her process. Introduced to resin in 2018 through a friend who was creating geode art, Tabatha loved its shiny, glass-like finish -- so much so that she began working with it exclusively: “Resin has just taken my artwork to the next level. I get so many questions on what I use to make it so shiny - lol. My paintings would not be the same without [it]!”




Tabatha’s inspiration is often based on her favourite pop culture, including music, 80’s movies and 90’s sitcoms and from there, her creative process is entirely intuitive: “I normally start with a color palette in mind. The first few layers usually consist of alcohol inks, spray paints and acrylics. Building upon each layer, I usually end with some gold or silver leaf, glitters and iridescent paints. Of course, the most important part is that resined finish.”

A full time artist, Tabatha gets a sense of purpose, peace and serenity out of creating her artwork.  Above all, she hopes to connect with others through her work: “With each painting having its own unique vibe, I can only hope that whoever it resonates with feels the way I did while creating it. Whether that be fun and spunky while listening to Cyndi Lauper, or cool and calm like the waves crashing on the ocean shore.” 

Creating artwork is Tabitha’s sanctuary:
Being able to be creative in my own unique way, that allows me to not only be true to who I am, but also to use it as a means to provide for my family has been nothing short of a dream come true!” 


To see more of Tabatha's work:
Visit her website: tsstudios.art
Follow her on Instagram: @t.s._studios

Congratulations on your win, Tabatha!

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