@shereen_audi Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Shereen Audi, our latest Instagram Winner! Shereen is a mixed media artist who splits her time between Jordan and Montreal. She creates pop culture inspired collages topped with a coat of shiny resin : "I really love working with ArtResin. It gives a beautiful texture to my work."

Are you a full time artist or do you create around work hours?
I'm a full time artist and I work with art almost daily.

Describe the art you create.
When I started doing art, I did acrylic paintings on canvas, on paper and wood. When I moved to Canada, I explored collage and mixed media art and, by chance, I discovered resin and fell in love with it. I decided to mix both collage and mixed media with resin. The outcome was beautiful.  I loved working with resin: I loved the texture, the results with the collage, and everyone who saw it fell in love with it too. 

What's your art background? 
I've loved art since I was a young age. I took some art courses with different artists, then did my first solo exhibition back in 1992. I'm now preparing for my 12th solo art exhibition in the spring. I've exhibited in group shows in the USA, London, Jordan, Beirut, Dubai, Canada, Germany, Bahrain, Kuwait and many more places.

Does where you are from, or where you are currently live, influence your work? 
Yes, it does. I've lived in more than one place and every place I've lived in has influenced my work in one way or another.

I love working with painting, collage and resin. Each one gives a different effect and look. Sometimes I mix all of them together and the result is stunning. 

When did you discover resin? 
I discovered resin almost  2 years ago when, by coincidence, I saw a video of it on Instagram.  I researched all about it and loved it. I also found ArtResin and followed them on Instagram and YouTube and it really helped. 

How has resin impacted your artwork?
Resin impacted my work immensely - it added to it. The combination of my original work and resin is beautiful. My work became more rich, attractive, and stunning. 

Can you provide a brief rundown of your process? 
I start by preparing my collage artwork with paper, shapes, prints, and other media I want to use on the surface, whether that's paper canvas or wood. I glue the material on the surface. Some artwork also requires that I paint on top of it or paint beneath it.  When it dries, I mix my resin and pour it on top.

Why do you make art? What motivates you to create?
Art is my life time passion. I've loved art since I was a young age. At that time, I decided I wanted to be an artist.  I put that vision in my head and worked for it. I took art courses, watched videos, met artists, went to art exhibitions, found my style of work, and started exhibiting to this day! Art helped me a lot through life; it gave me happiness, confidence, and inner peace. 

What do you hope someone sees or feels when they look at your art?
I really hope my art gives positive energy to the people who look at it and it gives them inner peace and a feeling of happiness. I'm working on that in my upcoming exhibition: I want my art to give that good energy to everyone.  I think the world needs a lot of that. I did it by using uplifting colors, design, and the resin gave it extra of everything I ever wanted. I'm so happy I'm working with ArtResin!




To see more of Shereen's work:

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Congratulations on your win, Shereen!


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