@samcoop.art Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Samantha Cooper, our latest Instagram winner! Currently living in San Diego, California, Samantha is a mixed media artist who specializes in acrylic and resin artwork: "My artwork tends to be very bright and vibrant. I enjoy layering with different colors, mediums, and techniques. Each piece is unique, handmade, and one of a kind."


Does where you're from or where you currently live influence your work? 
Being from California definitely impacts my work. When I began, a lot of my canvas pieces included aspects of the California landscape from the coastal beaches to iconic landmarks. As I have explored other styles of artwork (specifically skate decks) the skateboarding scene, which originated in California, has had a huge impact on my experience and journey as an artist. 

What's your art background? 
I am a self-taught artist. As a child, my dream job was to be an artist, but it was not something I pursued through formal education. I have learned the most from trial and error.

Are you a full time artist or do you create around work hours?
I am not a full-time artist. I would love to be full-time someday, but for now, it is a passion that I pursue around work hours.



What do you love about the mediums that you use?
I enjoy using resin because it is so versatile. It can be opaque, translucent, extremely saturated, or muted. You can use different techniques to create endless effects. There are so many ways to utilize resin and it adds a very sleek, clean component to artwork. 

When did you discover resin?
I discovered resin in 2020 when I began exploring abstract/pour art. 


How has resin impacted your artwork?
Resin is one of my primary mediums. I could not create my artwork without it. 


Can you provide a brief rundown of your process?
The process I use depends on the style and type of work I am creating. If I am creating a custom piece, I will meet with my client, gather references to understand the concept, and create a sketch and color palette for approval. I go over expectations, timeline, and all the details before I even begin. 

Some of my artwork requires specific resin techniques, such as waiting until the resin has almost fully cured and is tacky before applying. For other styles, I may sand down certain areas of cured layers before applying a second or third layer to create variety in the saturation of the artwork.

Why do you want to make art? What motivates you to create?
I love to create artwork because it allows me to be completely in a flow state. I love the process and the feeling of creating a piece that resonates with someone. It is extremely fulfilling to know that something I have created brings another person joy. My main motivator is the community that surrounds me. The support I receive from my family, friends, and customers is unbelievable. They are truly the reason that I create. To have the opportunity to impact people and to know that so many people believe in me and what I am passionate about is one of the most amazing feelings.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?
My art has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people whom I would have never met and to travel to places I never would have gone. It also reminds me to let go of control because even when things do not go according to plan, more often than not, something just as good or better will come from it. 


What do you hope someone sees or feels when they look at your art?

I hope that my artwork makes people take a second look. Initially, a lot of my work is bright and vibrant. However, when you take a closer look, there is quite a bit of detail, and the artwork itself can change depending on the angle, lighting, and location.


How do you define success as an artist?  What does success look and feel like for you?
Success as an artist manifests as creating artwork that I am proud of and that people connect with. 


Where do you sell your work?
I sell my work on my website (www.samcoopart.com) and periodically at markets/fairs. 




To see more of Samantha's work:

Visit her website: www.samcoopart.com
Follow her on Instagram:  @samcoop.art

Congratulations on your win, Samantha!

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