@saltwoodstudio Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to Richmond, Virginia artist Chris Lombard, our latest Instagram winner!  An artist proficient in multiple mediums, Chris creates commissioned acrylic paintings and pencil drawings. He also applies his digital design and wood working knowledge to create gorgeous, laser cut 3D maps, which he embellishes with resin. 



With a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University, Chris has been drawing, painting and working with wood since he was a child: "I have always had a strong desire to create. It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. I use art to focus my energy into a new challenge." 

Over the past decade, he's been focusing on digital design and, most recently, has started to incorporate laser technology and resin into his work. Chris says: ""About a year ago, I was working on creating a piece of art of my hometown, Gloucester, VA which is on the water. I wanted to depict the water on a wooden map with something more tactile than just paint, and that’s what led me to using resin."



Chris has enjoyed the challenge of learning a new medium and feels that resin has provided even greater opportunity to create custom 3D maps for clients.  He has found resin to be a perfect complement to his work: "Much of my art is centered around wind and water. I love the way resin can be manipulated to depict textures that reflect these natural elements."


Chris says: "My process varies depending on the type of commission I receive. For 3D maps, I typically start with an address and google maps to review the location. Then I will start creating a digital mock-up for my client. Once the digital design is approved, I will start running the design through my laser, followed up by painting and gluing. The final step involves pouring resin with one or multiple layers adding some paint if needed."

In addition to wood and digital design, Chris specializes in several mediums including acrylic paint and colored pencil.  He says: "I am not a typical artist that focuses on one specific style and medium. I think when someone visits my website they begin to understand that pretty quickly. Any given week, I may be working on a color pencil pet portrait while running my laser for a wooden map. Sometimes I will be working on an acrylic painting and switch over to my computer or iPad to work on a digital design. Having multiple skill sets enables me to offer a variety of art to my clients.

"It is very rare that I turn down a commission; [they]
 are particularly challenging and fulfilling. Many of my commissions depict landscapes and places that hold sentimental value. I love helping a client preserve the memory of a special place in a piece of art."


Chris' work can be found on his website and on his Instagram page: "I use social media to showcase my art, but most of my sales come from my website and word of mouth."

To see more of Chris' art:
Visit his website: saltwood.studio
Follow him on Instagram: @saltwoodstudio

Congratulations on your win, Chris!

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