@qzdesigngallery Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Quia Z. Atkinson, our latest Instagram winner! 

Quia is a full time artist based in Talahasee, Florida who creates artwork that stimulates the viewer's sense of sight and touch. 
Whether it's a bright pop of candy color or a luxurious palette of gold, champagne and bronze, her work features textural elements such as crushed glass, quartz and other decorative embellishments.


Quia Atkinson has had a love of vibrant color and art since childhood: "I'm a military brat with both parents being Marines so we moved around a lot. As a child I lived in Morocco, Norway, New York, South Carolina, Illinois, etc. My nomadic background definitely lends itself to my art style."

A self taught artist, Quia has been painting with passion and purpose since 2016, building her full time business QZ Design Gallery over the past 6 years. Quia says: "Creativity for me is something that every human being has. Many of us may not realize our creative outlet and it may not be a tangible creativity, but it's there. The more I am able to express my creativity, the better I become as an artist."

Quia works primarily with acrylic because of the pure vibrancy of color: "Color truly speaks to me.. It's psychological with every color conveying a different emotion." 

After discovering resin artists online, Quia saw with her own eyes how a coat of resin dramatically enhances everything it touches. She decided to give it a try and found that, not only did resin elevate her artwork, but her creativity and business as well: "
Resin gives me the ability to take my art to the next level and truly offers a refined look. My artwork now sells in the thousands since incorporating resin and I'm forever grateful!"

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Quia generally starts off with a colorful acrylic base, either fluid poured or hand painted.
Since she is obsessed with all things sparkling, she adds embellishments, such as crushed glass and quartz, which she adheres to the surface with resin. Her last (and favorite) step is the a flood coat of resin with added metallic pigments.  Quia says: "The applications with ArtResin are endless!"

Quia says: "I hope that my art offers a stimulation for the senses. It's bright, tactile and filled with depth of embellishments and color. I want my clients and anyone enjoying my art to feel a sense of excitement, warmth and exhilaration when you lay your eyes on it."

To see more of Quia's work:
visit her website: www.qzdesigngallery.com
Like her Facebook page: QZ DESIGN GALLERY
Follow her on Instagram: @qzdesigngallery

Congratulations on your win, Quia!

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