@personal_pours Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Nicole Comito, our latest Instagram Winner!  Based in Brooklyn, NY, Nicole combines her passions for woodworking and gymnastics to design and build custom wood and resin handstand balancing props.

Nicole started acrylic pouring in 2018 after graduating graphic design and photography in college. In 2019, she discovered resin when she poured a table top in her parents backyard. Like so many, Covid forced her to pivot when she lost her day job early on in the pandemic, and she became a full time artist: " Resin has opened so many doors for me.  I found ways to use it for hand balancing props, and now create performance props for hand balancers and performers all over the world."

Nicole's father has owned his own custom interior design and build company since she was born, so working with wood is something she comes by naturally. She uses her design skills to create custom wood and resin furniture, cabinets, charcuterie boards and other functional pieces "Creating is my outlet.  I feel most alive and in my body when I'm creating, whether it's for myself or for a customer."

Nicole creates her hand balancing props to order and customers are able to specify exactly what type of prop they'd like, as well as the color scheme. "From there, I will prepare a mold to pour the blocks in, cut the blocks down after they are poured, and polish them to 400 grit. I always test the products out for quality control (by doing some handstands on them), then photograph them, and then they are shipped out to the customer!"

Nicole says: "My only hope is that the viewer feels some sort of emotion when looking at my art. I want my art to be a topic of conversation. When you look at a piece of art, it should make you feel something. I want to make people think."

To see more of Nicole's work:
Visit her website: www.personalpours.com
Follow her on Instagram: @personal_pours

Congratulations on your win, Nicole!

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