@paulaogdensart Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Paula Ogden, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Springfield, IL, Paula is a mixed media artist who creates landscape and abstract designs rich in color and texture. 


Paula's art journey started at age 19 with 2 art exhibits showing her Trapunto textile designs. A few years later, she studied Visual Arts
 and started a decorative painting business specializing in faux finished murals. These days, Paula paints primarily on canvas or wood panels. She creates her signature, textured look by combining techniques learned over the years along with a number of materials including hand painted paper, acrylics, inks, molding paste, crackle medium, metallic foils, resin and cyanotype prints: "Cyanotypes are a surprise each and every time, and a fairly quick process as well. I love how quickly acrylics dry, I love watching how alcohol inks flow, and with crackle, I absolutely love the textures!"  In fact, Paula's love of texture and use of crackle medium has earned her the nickname "The Crackle Queen". 

resin and acrylic alcohol ink mixed media painting
teal and gold resin mixed media painting
elegant teal gold resin art

Paula discovered ArtResin 2 years ago, after taking Jane Monteith’s Mixed Media and Collage course, and immediately loved how it complemented her artwork: "[Resin] gives my art a polished look and I love the depth it creates!"

Paula Ogden mixed media resin art
Mixed media resin art Paula Ogden
pouring resin on mixed media art

For Paula, creating beautiful art is a passion that provides both personal gratification as well as a sense of peace:
"Creating is the only thought on my mind when I am in my studio! I often have art on my mind as I fall asleep and when I wake up. I suffer from chronic pain and it takes my mind off of that too."

Paula Ogden textured resin artpaper and resin art mixed mediahow to resin mixed media art 

Paula sells most of her work through social media (but watch for her website, coming soon!)
She currently has a solo exhibit, showing 55 of her pieces, at the Anna & Harlan Hubbard Gallery in the Frankfort, IN Public Library.  

To see more of Paula's art:

Follow her on Instagram: @paulaogdensart

Congratulations on your win, Paula!

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