@michael_crossett Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Michael Crossett, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Washington, DC, Michael is mixed media artist and screen printer who collages original photographs, historic artifacts and design to create contemporary, urban art.


Born in San Antonio, TX, Michael lived in Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines in his youth and has called DC home for the past 25 years. A self taught artist, Michael says: "I have always been a photographer [and] loved developing film in a dark room environment.  I went to college for Advertising and Design and found my way back to art when I learned screen printing. I love the instant gratification that is achieved by screen printing with acrylics. I am able to create more complex work in a short amount of time."

Michael's work, influenced by the aesthetic of fashion magazines and album cover art, aims to celebrate DC's overlooked inner city neighborhoods: "I wanted to show the other side of city that is often misunderstood and viewed in only one way… from the Capitol.  Any time I create artwork, I am making work to be enjoyed by the community of viewers, whether it is personal work or commission work. I have a responsibility to make sure it is passionate, accurate and inspiring to anyone who views it.

"The Washington Post just recently referred to my work as 'Visual City Symphonies' which I thought was a very flattering and on point comment."



Michael discovered resin over a decade ago. He loved its sleek look but the only products available at that time were toxic resins designed for industrial purposes, not artwork. Michael says, "I began using ArtResin about 8 years ago and it changed my studio practice.  It is reliable, less toxic and has made the process of pouring less time consuming and unpredictable.


"My audience is always fascinated and in love with the resin work. When I screen print on wood with up to 100 layers of screen printing, the acrylic paint begins to dull down. Once I pour resin over the surface, the vibrancy and saturation immediately comes back and pushes the work to a new state. The reflection of light through the layers and colors compliments the interplay of images."



Michael's process typically starts with a collection of original photography based on a place or a theme.  He adjusts the size, color and saturation in photoshop in order to create films for silkscreening.  He then screens the images, one by one, to develop a composition.  Micheal says: "I try and limit my computer time as much as possible, therefore, most of compositions and pieces are done in the studio using the images that are prepared on silk screens."

Once a piece is complete, Michael uses ArtResin to finish his wood panel pieces and a varnish on his canvas pieces: "I also do a good amount of mixed media - most recently I have used laser cut objects placed on my paintings and then I use ArtResin to create a unique finished piece."




Michael says that he wouldn't be the same person without a creative outlet in his life: "It's amazing to work with my hands, creating something that involves both digital design and analog, hands-on painting. He most enjoys the gratification of collaborating with clients on a piece of artwork: "It's a beautiful feeling when someone comes to you because of your aesthetic and style and you're able to create something personal for them or they relate to something you have created."


Michael hopes people walk away with a feeling of wonderment and inspiration after viewing his art: "There is always a story being told within my work, but sometimes its best for the viewer to create their own story or understanding of it." He hopes to create artwork in his signature style that's inspired by locations both national and international: "I definitely want to be remembered as an important American artist and screen printer."


Michael currently sells his work through Artsy, Singulart and Long View Gallery in Washington DC.

To see more of Michael's art:

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Congratulations on your win, Michael!

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