Mariah Solomon is our Instagram Weekly Winner!!!!

Posted on 11 May 13:26


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every week we will be sending out a FREE Petri Dish Art Kit to one lucky artist who has tagged us on Instagram—and we'll share their work with the world! 



Congratulations to artist Mariah Solomon, our latest weekly winner! Mariah is mostly a self-taught artist who balances a full-time job in therapy while still putting in 30 hours a week in art! AKA Miss Fancypants, Mariah loves that her viewers always want to touch her work due to her creative use of material and movement.



Mariah usually paints with acrylic and alcohol ink, adding crystals and stones to raise the level of elegance in each piece. She layers ArtResin throughout her process to create a glamorous depth and shine. Mariah loves the immediate beauty and response of resin. Resin, to her, is the jewelry to the outfit.




You can find more of Mariah's work on Instagram @mariahfancypants, or on her Facebook page - Mariah Fancypants.




Congratulations on your win, Mariah!


Don't forget, tag YOUR ArtResin work with @art_resin on Instagram, and YOU could be our next weekly winner!!


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