Marc Cooper is our Instagram Winner!

Posted on 17 Nov 11:52

Congratulations to artist Marc Cooper,
our latest Instagram winner! Marc is mostly a self-taught, part-time artist who lives in Toronto, Ontario. He loves creating with ArtResin in the studio and watching the medium flow

Marc has a popular set of work called the "barcode series." This line of art was born from leftover resin on an old canvas... Sometimes the best results come from the most unexpected places!

Inspiration always starts with music. Marc hits play to liven the mood, mixes paint with ArtResin and pours. Gravity takes care of the rest. After the first session, Marc will have to wait at least a day before repeating the process but watching the transformation never gets old.

Marc's work is currently showing in multiple galleries around Toronto. You can also check out his Instagram account @marccooperart or his website

Congratulations on your win, Marc!


To celebrate all the amazing artists staying home and creating, every month we will be sending out a 32 oz kit to a couple of artists who have tagged us on Instagram—and we'll share their work with the world! 


Don't forget, tag YOUR ArtResin work with @art_resin on Instagram, and YOU could be our next weekly winner!!