@louracanlas.art Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Loura Canlas, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Las Vegas, Loura is an abstract artist specializing in Dutch pours, a type of fluid art made with acrylic paint and resin.

Creative from a young age, Loura took a hiatus from art while she pursued a degree and career in Dental Hygiene. It wasn't until the pandemic that she dove back into creating art, doing acrylic Dutch pours in her spare time: "As I ventured more into the Dutch pour, it led me towards resin art. I was mesmerized by the glass finish and decided to incorporate it into my pieces. After some practice and learning its temperature tolerance and working time, it has since become a part of all my work."

Loura says: "The acrylic Dutch pour technique gives me 'some' sense of control over the composition of my art as opposed to a straight acrylic pour. It’s a perfect balance between ‘control’ and ‘letting it flow’."

Loura finds resin is the perfect complement to her Dutch pours, providing an elegant finishing stamp to her work: "Resin has truly elevated my work. The pigments in the acrylic paints are just far more vibrant when sealed with resin."

Loura says: "Creating has always been my calm place when everything around me seems chaotic. It honestly brings me peace. I hope that sharing my passion for my art will inspire someone to find their own calm and happy place like I have.  And if they already have, that they embrace it and cultivate themselves in it."

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Congratulations on your win, Loura!

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