@katiealizeart Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Katie Alize, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Essex, UK, Katie is a mixed media abstract landscape artist who is inspired by natural elements and textures: " I create what I now like to call 'mindscapes', inspired by different landscapes and natural elements, through layers of many different mediums."

Does where you’re from or where you currently live influence your work? 
I live in Essex and we have some stunning nature walks. I also love visiting different parts of the UK for new inspirations. Last year I visited Cornwall, the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District which gave me some incredible inspiration for various pieces of my work. I'm a forest lover, so forest trails are my favourite and I often do pieces inspired by forests and foliage. 

What’s your art background? Are you self taught or did you study art?
I studied art up until doing an art foundation degree (the one you do right before university) but I decided not to go to uni for art, I knew a lot of people who had gotten art degrees and never pursued art after. So, after working full time for a few years after college, I changed jobs to work at a place with morning and evening shifts, meaning I had time during the day to develop my artwork again. I took things into my own hands, taught myself all new mediums and developed all of the techniques I use now. There has been a lot of trial and error, lots of investment and time, but it has all been worth it to get to where I am now.

Are you a full time artist or do you create around work hours?
I would describe myself as a full time artist, my main income is my art. Although I still do one shift a week as a receptionist at the place I have worked for years, I love the people I work with, it's a good company to work for, the hours are very flexible and I like to have something different to do. Seeing new faces is important, sometimes being a full time artist can become quite isolating so it's good to have variety.  

Describe the type of art you create.
I create what I now like to call 'mindscapes', inspired by different landscapes and natural elements, through layers of many different mediums. One of my main mediums is resin; I also fully finish each piece with a clear coat of resin for that high shine finish. I combine my emotional drive with my love for the healing elements of nature. And I am developing this concept even more over the coming months, creating my own inner mindscapes to summon inspiration from and to explore myself.

What do you love about the mediums that you use?
I am a perfectionist, so what I love about the mediums I use is that I can be quite chaotic with the first layer; to add my raw expression to a piece without overthinking in the early stages. Then the next layers are all about adding small details, refining the pieces, and finding the composition. My art really works as a therapy for my own mental health, to challenge my perfectionism, calm my nervous system, focus my thoughts and centre my soul. Using as many mediums as I do does become rather expensive, so I try to make every detail count.

When did you discover resin?
I discovered resin in 2016, and started using resin in 2017 and then began developing my own techniques ever since.

How has resin impacted your artwork?
Resin gave me the ability to layer my work in a way I couldn't do with other mediums. I can really get the layers and shadow work by using resin, as opposed to other mediums that couldn't give me the effect of floating details within the artwork. I think it also stands out with the shine which has become a signature of mine. 
Why do you want to make art? What motivates you to create?
I create art to express the emotions I cannot fully verbalise. Art heals, and I am forever grateful for being able to express myself in this way, let alone building a successful career from my journey. I also love being able to express my gratitude for the natural world in this way, creating my own little worlds within resin. 

What do you hope someone sees or feels when they look at your art?
I hope someone feels a sense of emotion when they look at my work, as well as a desire to view the piece closer and truly absorb all of the details within. I love the idea of colour psychology; for some pieces, with the icy blues or cool greens, I hope people feel a sense of calm; with orange and yellow works I want to evoke a sense of positivity etc. One of my recent larger round works, 'Goddess', was an abstract depiction of divine femininity and female strength, as well as evoking a strong self of self acceptance and self worth. I channeled all of my complex emotions into that piece, using powerful deep reds and pinks, with golds and shimmers. You could really see the depth and passion that the piece emitted. 
As well as the emotional side of things, I want my viewers and collectors to feel as though they are walking through the piece with their eyes, from detail to detail. Viewing the piece almost like a map of an otherworldly landscape. 

How do you define success as an artist? What does success look and feel like for you?
I define success like the Japanese concept of Ikigai; Ikigai means your 'reason for being. ' 'Iki' in Japanese means 'life,' and 'gai' describes value or worth. Your ikigai is your life purpose. Ikigai's four elements are; what you love (your passion); what the world needs (your mission); what you are good at (your vocation); and what you can get paid for (your profession). If I have fulfilled these four elements, then I am successful in finding my balance. 

Where do you sell your work?
I sell my work through my own website www.katiealizeart.com

To see more of Katie's work:

Follow her on Instagram: @katiealizeart
Visit her website: www.katiealizeart.com


Congratulations on your win, Katie!


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