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@isabelleart1 Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Isabelle Beaubien, our latest Instagram winner! A full time artist based in Montreal, Isabelle creates energetic, colorful, acrylic abstracts that she selectively embellishes with ArtResin. 


Isabelle studied Fine Art at both Concordia University and the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). After receiving her Undergraduate from Concordia, she went on to earn her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from The Villa Arson in Nice, France. Isabelle says: "I experimented in a lot of media and medium over the years before I found what I am really passionate about. I tried pretty much everything. I spent a few years studying art and got to play with so many different materials, but acrylic painting is where my heart is!"


Isabelle is drawn to acrylic paint for its fast dry time, ease of use and versatility. She also loves its rich color and the texture she can create with it: "I always try to push this combination [of color and texture] further and further."

Isabelle uses ArtResin to add an extra dimension to her vibrant paintings.

"A long time ago, way before ArtResin, I used to buy Varathane which you could find in hardware stores. People would use it for bar tops, table tops and floors. It would look good at the beginning and then become yellow after a while. No need to say, it was toxic as well! Nothing compares to the resin that ArtResin makes.

"At the time, my work was way more minimal and I was using layers of the same color. The resin allowed me to target a part of my work and make it more visible, even with the same color. It made my work a whole in a way. It was the missing link."

Isabelle hopes that her paintings communicate a good energy to the viewer: "My work is so colorful and so powerful and because of the resin somehow quite sculptural. It can create a beautiful impact in a home.

"People tend to wonder how I do my paintings, and often they think it’s a digital piece. So, my technique is kind of a conversation starter and a bit of a secret. I can tell you that I create my own tools and that’s how I get the final result!"


"My creative work is my whole life. That’s what I do day in and day out. It’s always on my mind, I keep thinking of new way to improve, modify or elevate my work. I am so happy and so blessed to be able to live from my passion, it’s a dream come true. Every time I sell a painting, I am as happy as if it was my first one!"


Isabelle sells her paintings all over the world through both art galleries and International Art Fair. For a detailed list of where Isabelle's work can be found, please see her website.

To see more of Isabelle's work:
Visit her website:
Follow her on Instagram: @isabelleart1

Congratulations on your win, Isabelle!

To celebrate our amazing resin artists, every month we send out a 32 oz kit to a couple of folks who have tagged us on Instagram—and then we share their work with the world! 

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