@iamkavikavi Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Kavi, our latest Instagram winner! Born in Mumbai, India and raised in the USA, Kavi currently lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is a full-time, self-taught artist who likes to experiment with mixed media:  "My art is about women empowerment, believing in yourself, and how to navigate being part of two different cultures."



Why do you want to make art?
"What motivates you to create? Art is a part of me that I can share. It’s the best way I know how to express myself and communicate with the world."


Can you provide a brief rundown of your process?
"Depending on the project, I do photo transfers of collages on wood panel, which then I overlay with found objects, paper, alcohol ink, my drawings, and acrylic paint. I then apply a coat of resin."


Does where you’re from or where you currently live influence your work?
"Yes, my Indian and American heritage has influenced my work as it allows me to express myself as a woman who is sometimes torn between two worlds."





What do you love about the mediums that you use?
"I love the textures and different found objects that I incorporate in my work. By using these, it brings me back to my childhood."


When did you discover resin?
"Five years ago, I discovered resin when an artist I followed on Instagram started using it, and I loved the results and started experimenting with it myself."


How has resin impacted your artwork?
"Resin as a medium allows for much more depth and texture which is important for the type of art I create. Each piece has a theme, but within the theme, there are many statements which I want the public to continue to discover, each time they look at my work."



Does art help you in other areas of your life?
"Yes, it empowers me and it helps me use my voice in a positive and impactful manner."


What do you hope someone sees or feels when they look at your art?
Honestly, that they just see and feel. What they see, and what they feel, is a reflection of who they are. I hope to inspire, and invoke thought."


How do you define success as an artist
"I feel successful when I hear how my work has inspired or changed someone’s perspective. I’ve been able to touch them in a way I never thought was possible before I discovered my calling."




To see more of Kavi's work:

Visit her website: www.iamkavi.com
Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamkavikavi


Congratulations on your win, Kavi!


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