How Can I Easily Clean Up Epoxy Resin?

Easy epoxy resin clean up starts with your prep work.
Line your work surface with a vinyl shower curtain or tablecloth and have drop sheets on the ground to keep clean up simple. Always wear disposable nitrile gloves to protect your hands from a sticky mess, as well as possible skin irritation. ArtResin does not adhere to plastic so we recommend working with reusable plastic tools such as a spreader, stir stick and mixing container for easy clean up.

⚠️PLEASE NOTE:  Don't ever pour leftover epoxy resin down the drain! Instead, wipe any excess resin from your container and tools with paper towel. Wipe down once more with rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove any resin residue. Next, wash with hot soapy water if desired. Or, simply allow any remaining residue to simply cure right on your plastic tools and peel it off the next day once it has dried.

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