@higharts_studio Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Kaila Deal, our latest Instagram Winner is a mixed media artist and abstract artist from East Brady, Pennsylvania: "I create original acrylic paintings using fluid art. I use different tools like open cups, a hairdryer, balloons and all kinds of things to achieve different abstract looks."

Does where you're from or where you currently live influence your work?

I live in a valley which gives a wide display of colors throughout the year which definitely helps to inspire color combinations in my work!

What's your art background? 

I took a few art classes in high school but other than that I am a self-taught artist! 


Are you a full-time artist or do you create around work hours?

I am a full-time artist! 




What do you love about the mediums that you use in your work?

I love how versatile the mediums I use are and that they give me the opportunity to express my creativity in a number of ways. 

When did you discover resin?

I discovered resin in late 2023, so not too long ago did I start my resin journey.

How has resin impacted your artwork?

Resin has completely taken my art to another level. I love the quality resin gives to my paintings. Besides using it for my canvas art, it pushed me to try and create other things like keychains! 




Can you provide a brief rundown of your process? 

With my art there is no exact process. I kind of just go with flow, pick colors I think will go good together, have a general idea of what technique I want to use and just jump in. Sometimes I'll see videos of people trying things out, and that inspires me to try it myself and put my own twist on it to make it mine. 

Why do you want to make art? What motivates you to create?

 I want to make art because it gives me time to escape into my own world, able to fully express myself. My motivation to create stems from the satisfaction of spending so much of my time on something, being able to hold it in my hands and say I made this! 

Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Art helps a lot with my mental health, it's a time where I can escape from things I necessarily can't control and focus on something I can. 




What do you hope someone sees or feels when they look at your art?

When people look at my art, I hope they see the dedication and love I put into every piece. 

How do you define success as an artist? What does that look and feel like for you?

The success for me as an artist is taking something I made, and saying I like this enough for other people to see it. Other people liking it is out of my control, but to make something I'm proud enough to show to potentially thousands of people online is a success. And when people like it as well, that's even more of a success.

Where do you sell your work?

I sell my work on Etsy and my shop name is @highartsstudio

To see more of Kaila's work:
Follow her on Instagram: @higharts_studio
Visit her Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/highartsstudio

Congratulations on your win, Kaila!

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