@emacrylics Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Erin Marone, our latest Instagram winner! Erin is an artist from New York who creates abstract fluid art with acrylics or alcohol ink, finished with a glossy coat of resin. 

A professional chef for the past 20 years, Erin learned how to create fluid art by watching YouTube videos and putting in hours of practice.
After 2 years of trying to fit in painting between shifts or on days off, Erin recently decided to reduce her hours in the kitchen to focus on her artwork. Erin says: "
I’ve always created for myself first. Recently my work has received some attention and I’m honored that others can see the beauty and hard work in what I do."


Erin works mainly in abstract art, focused on acrylic fluid art and alcohol ink: "I’m drawn to this style of art because it can be interpreted in so many ways by different people. I could see one thing or feel one way, and someone else could have a complete opposite interpretation."

Erin discovered resin early on in her art journey. She loved the look and wanted that same glossy finish on her own work, but assumed the resin process was complicated. 

When she started working with alcohol ink, she decided to give resin a try: 
"The way it showcases work, with that glass-like reflective surface, is breathtaking. Now I feel like my ink work isn’t complete without it. There’s no finish even comparable to a resin finish. I’m hooked!

Erin says: "I hope whomever sees my work is impacted by it in some way. Love it or hate it, it still invokes an emotion. That’s my main goal. If I can make you feel something, then mission accomplished."

To see more of Erin's work:
Visit her website: www.emacrylics.com
Follow her on Instagram: @emacrylics

Congratulations on your win, Erin!

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