Can Resin Art Be Hung Outside?

Once cured, ArtResin is weather resistant and waterproof, however we still don't recommend that you put it outside. ⁣

With its advanced UV and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, ArtResin is chemically engineered to offer the best protection against yellowing on the market. Even so, it doesn't make sense to deliberately put your artwork in an environment full of UV rays - it makes it much harder for ArtResin's UV stabilization to do its job. ⁣

Keep it inside and keep it clear!

💡 TIP: Learn more about HALS and UV Stabilzation.

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About the author: Rebecca Zak

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I co-founded ArtResin with my husband, Dave. I’m a serial entrepreneur! As an artist and a former teacher, I've been able to leverage my creativity and experience to start multiple business ventures. In fact, there's nothing I love more than seeing a good idea turned into...