@amandafine_art Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Amanda Flippin, our latest Instagram winner!  Based in Wylie, TX, Amanda combines ArtResin with a variety of paints and inks to create large format, mixed media abstacts.

Amanda's love of creating prompted her to pursue art at the college level. She says: "One year of art in college taught me some cool things outside of my own skill set [but] it didn’t allow for the artistic freedom I craved, so I went a different path and continued doing the art I enjoyed in my spare time."  A personal trainer, wellness center manager and new mom, Amanda began selling her art pieces on the side; she became so successful that her art business is now a main income source.

Amanda experimented with many different mediums over the years, but when she discovered resin art a few years after college, it quickly became her favorite: "It just makes the artwork pop, look pristine, gives the pieces depth, and because of that, it allows my pieces speak each person on an individual basis. Everyone sees something different and is inspired in unique way. It invokes different emotions for each person, and I love that the ArtResin allows for people to actually touch and feel the artwork, not just stare at it from afar."

In addition to pouring abstract paintings, Amanda often integrates her resin work into exotic wood tables and sculptures created by Doc of The Wright Edge"ArtResin elevates each piece, making it more than just a painting on the wall or a basic river table. Instead the table now becomes art, a statement piece, a family heirloom unlike any other they will ever come across again."


When creating a commissioned piece, Amanda typically consults with the client regarding color, size and the feel they are looking for, sometimes making samples first.  Amanda preps her wood panels, mixes and tints the resin and then strategically pours them to achieve the desired look and texture. Once the pours are complete, Amanda does the finer detailed work such as metallic embellishments and additional pops of color. 

Amanda says: "My signature, unless requested otherwise, are the drips down the sides of the canvas. They add character and let’s everyone know this is a custom REAL piece of art, not just something store bought. The best part is each piece is truly 100% one of a kind and can’t be replicated. There will never be another piece in the world like yours. Upon delivery, I also providing the hanging hardware, as these pieces aren’t light and I want to make the process convenient and complete for my clients."



Amanda hopes her work can be passed down through family generations, evoking a sense of happiness and revitalizing a sense of creativity and imagination. She loves "the joy of seeing others captivated by the swirls of color and the ability to share a little piece of myself with the world."


Amanda currently sells her work through her Instagram page. Her pieces are also displayed at Greater Than Performance and Rehab in Dallas, TX where she donates 10% of all pieces sold to The Greater Than Foundation.

To see more of Amanda's art:
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Congratulations on your win, Amanda!

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